Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 PREVIEW + Why It’s Awesome and Why You Should Shop It

Hey, PMT friends! The much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins NEXT WEEK! I cover this sale every year, and while it can be a bit nuts, so many of you LOVE it! But, in case you’re wondering, “What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?” and, “Why the heck do people care about it?” oh, friend, let me tell you all about it!



The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a once-a-year event that happens in July where a ton of BRAND NEW items for the UPCOMING season are on major, major discount!

Often when retailers have sales, the items are leftovers that are marked down at the end of the season. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the opposite. NSale items are BRAND NEW things marked down for the UPCOMING season. So, you can get new jeans, cardigans, boots, activewear, etc. for fall before the season happens, all at a discount, and wear them all season long.

It’s during this sale that I’ve gotten LOTSSSSSSSSS of my tried & true all-time favorite pieces in my wardrobe—the ones I tell you about over and over and over because they are SO good! And that’s why I want you to shop it! Sometimes regularly-priced items are a bit out of my comfort zone, so I LOVE getting them—and helping YOU get them—during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!



Like I said, I have bought MANY of my all-time favorite pieces in my closet from this sale. (The ones I tell you about over and over and over.) You can get REALLY GOOD, extremely comfortable items at fantastic prices during this sale!

You know how I have LOTS of pieces from Nordstrom that I wear and tell you about over and over? I bought many, many of them during this sale, so I got those awesome, staple, PMT-favorite pieces on sale. And I want YOU to get them on sale, too!!!

I’m talking about things like my favorite Wit & Wisdom jeans, favorite Zella leggings, favorite Zella joggers, the PMT-favorite soft Caslon blazer that feels like a sweatshirt, the satin blouse that feels silky-smooth, the awesome thick and cozy but not too heavy cardigan, the short pendant that I wear all the time, some of my favorite sneakers, and a whooooole lot more!


What’s really important to know is that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to different groups of people at different times, depending on whether you are a Nordstrom cardmember and what your status is.

If you’re a Nordstrom cardmember, you get earlier access. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, you can shop the sale 7-10 days later. In a nutshell, if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you’re able to shop the sale a week (or more) earlier than everyone else.

The part that gets tricky is that a lot of the good items sell out by the time non-cardholders get to shop. And I think Nordstrom designs it this way to incentivize people to get a Nordstrom card. So if you want the good stuff, it’s in your best interest to sign up for a Nordstrom card. More on that in a bit…

Here’s a summary of when different groups get access, at a glance:


About the Nordstrom Card + Get a $60 Nordstrom Note

Okay, about the Nordstrom card. I typically avoid credit cards for stores, but Nordstrom is one of my exceptions. I got a Nordstrom card years ago just to shop this sale early, and it’s been totally worth it. Especially because there are other great perks to being a Nordstrom cardholder that you can read about HERE! Namely, you can earn points towards Nordstrom Notes with your purchases, and you can even get reimbursed in Nordstrom Notes for your clothing alterations at Nordstrom!

You have two options for a Nordstrom card: 1) the Nordstrom Visa Credit Card that you can use at both Nordstrom and other places to earn Nordstrom points, or 2) the Nordstrom Retail Card which you’d only use for Nordstrom purchases. Also, if you sign up for one by 7/5, you can get a $60 Nordstrom Note towards future purchases! Read more about it all HERE, including a side-by-side table of the differences between the two cards.



  • June 29 – EVERYONE gets to preview the sale. Which means you can preview it right nowHERE! If you’re overwhelmed, don’t worryI’ll highlight some of my favorite items next week. 😁
  • July 6-14 – Early Access begins in a staggered way for all Nordstrom cardholders or Nordy Club members with Influencer status or above, based on your status. You can see the start dates below.
    • July 6 – Icons
    • July 7 – Ambassadors
    • July 9 – Influencers
  • July 15 to July 31 – EVERYONE can shop the sale.



Fall clothes for sure! This sale is of new arrivals for the coming season, not the leftovers from summer. I recommend prioritizing higher ticket items and staples, like jeans, jackets, shoes, and sweaters. I usually also try some activewear, makeup/beauty, home decor, and men’s items, too, but with lesser priority.

Some of my favorites from previous years:

And lots more!

You are able to preview all of the items that will be on sale, right now, whether you have a Nordstrom card or not. Check out what’s on sale, HERE!


Some of My Tried & True Items ON SALEEEEEEE!

Here are some tried & true PMT favorites that you will be able to get on major sale in just a few days if you have a Nordstrom card!

Plus, there are lots of great NEW items from some of my favorite brands that look very, very promising. When I say promising, I mean these brands and similar items from the past have been super comfy and stretchy, etc. and I’m hopeful that the ones for this year’s sale will be the same!

Next Thursday, I’ll round up some of my first-glance favorites to highlight the new items that I am hopeful will feel awesome!



Make a list. The sale can be overwhelming, so get focused with a game plan and a list. It’ll help you make better purchasing decisions! What holes do you need to fill in your closet? Personally, I’d focus on staples, like jeans, cardigans, blazers, pants for work, jackets, and fall shoes.

Shop Early Access by signing up for a Nordstrom card. The sale opens earlier to everyone who has a Nordstrom card. Items and sizes can sell out FAST, and they often do NOT restock. Some items are exclusive only to the sale and are not available after the sale. Shopping early is totally worth it. Find out more info, like how you can get a $60 bonus note, and sign up for one HERE!

Shop online. It can be difficult to shop in store, and there is ALWAYS more availability online, so shopping online is awesome. Plus, your size may not be available in store. And, shipping and return shipping is always free, so ordering online from the comfort of your home in your pajamas is the WAY TO GO! Or, order online and use Nordstrom’s curbside pickup so that you can order online but won’t have to wait for it to ship!
Buy multiple sizes!!!! I do this with most things I order all the time to make sure I get my sizing correct. It’s especially important during the NSale. Items run out fast, and your size might not be available by the time you want to exchange. Buy two sizes and send backfor freethe size that doesn’t work.
Use Nordstrom’s “Add to Wishlist” feature. There are SO many really, really, REALLY GREAT products during this sale, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. Using Nordstrom’s “Add to Wishlist” feature helps you do that!


Get Early Access by signing up for a Nordstrom card HERE. You get to shop at least 1 week before everyone else, and it really is worth it!

Follow PMT for sales highlights. I’m here to do the heavy lifting for you! I’ll pore through the items, find stuff that’s worth trying, and provide fit info to save you time. Follow me through:

  • PMT Email List – You’ll get emailed whenever there’s a new blog post full of NSale reviews, which is anywhere from 1-3x/wk. At the end of emails, we will also sometimes share brand new highlights to check out!
  • Facebook – I’ll share highlights more frequently than on the blog.

Bookmark the PMT Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Guide. This ONE page will house ALL the items I try over the course of the sale. It’s easier than sifting through multiple posts as the sale goes on!

Preview the NSale HERE and create a Wish List of what you’re eyeing! That way, you can keep track of everything right when the sale starts.

Also, just a note, a couple of PMT team members will be shopping the sale and might share their finds (if they’re still in stock)! We are all different sizes and heights and have different styles, so that’ll be fun!



Last, I want to thank you again for shopping through the links on this blog! As a reminder, I use affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase items through links on this blog. That helps me spend the time to try on and review items and create blog content at absolutely no extra cost to you, which is totally a win-win situation!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a huge undertaking, so if I have been able to help you along the way, giving you some clarity on how to shop it, providing a strategy for you to shop smartly, or leading you to good products (and leading you away from bad products!) then I would be so grateful if you shopped through the links I provide. You all have been awesome about that, and I can’t thank you enough! It allows PMT to keep putting out content and helping other women feel good about their clothes!

(If you’re interested in learning more about how blogs earn income, you can check out my post “How Blogging Became a Full Time Job“!)

Alright, head to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview and start creating your wish list!

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