Announcing: PMT Weekly Style Challenge!

YOU GUYS.  I’m totally feeling the fresh energy of the new year!  After spending 8 months of last year figuring out a maternity wardrobe and the other 4 months figuring out a nursing wardrobe (plus figuring out how to manage a full-time job, plus blogging, plus caring for a baby and still being a functional member of civilization in general…dahhhhh!) I finally have some fresh energy to refocus my style and get back to some basics.

I learned a lot in the last 3.5 years of blogging, but all of the transition from last year got me back into a jeans + tee rut…except that I just have more jeans in different colors than I did before.  Haha.  Some days it feels like a struggle to even just put on a skirt!

Now I’m all charged up to put more a *liiiiiitle* more energy into getting dressed again, BUT I realized I need some help!
SO, to help myself better work my closet and for anyone who wants to join me, I’m hosting weekly style challenges!

I don’t know how long they’ll go for..a month? two? three? a year?  I’m just gonna feel it out and see how long they help both you AND me.  

The Basics
  • Every week there will be a style challenge.  All challenges for each month will be listed in a Style Challenge tab so you can see them in advance.  (Find it HERE for now.  I’ll add it to the menubar or sidebar soon.)  Challenges might be as basic as wearing a skirt or belting something, or more stretching like pattern mixing or trying a new hairstyle.  I’ll try to post inspiration and tips earlier in the week.  
  • Try the challenge whenever you want that week.  
Optional Stuff
  • Post on your blog or Instagram anytime throughout the week.  Or don’t, and just play along quietly.  Totally optional.
  • For Instagram, use #PMTstylechallenge and/or tag me @puttingmetogether so that I’ll get alerted and can cheer you on!  Cheer me on too.  Like I said, I need the motivation!
  • Come here on Thursdays to link up–blog or Instagram.  Also optional!  If you posted on a Tuesday, just come here Thursday and link to Tuesday’s post.
    • If you’re blogging, you can link back to this blog or use the button below.  Even though it’s considered the “nice” thing to link to the host, I don’t care if you do or not.  This is way more about the challenge and wayyyyy less about increasing exposure or whatever.  Linking back is a great way to invite your readers into the challenge–it might help them too.  But if you don’t want to link back, that’s fine!  And, HUGE thanks if you do!

    Putting Me Together

    It starts THIS WEEK!  And we’ll start basic: WEAR A DRESS.  Don’t let winter make you say bye to your dresses.

    Find the rest of the challenges for the month on the Style Challenge page!

    I hope you’ll join me!  And even if you don’t, I’m gonna do this by myself because I NEED THE HELP!  🙂

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