Back From the Dead

Top: H&M (similar #1similar #2similar #3)  |  Navy skirt: Forever 21 (similar #1, similar #2, similar #3)  |  Cap toe flats: Old Navy (similar #1, similar #2)  |  Tote: (shop)
I put this top in the “donate” pile like…an embarrassingly long time ago.  I thought that particular wave of clothes had already been donated, and I was kind of sad because I pinned this outfit a while ago and thought it’d be the perfect top for it.  One of those times you wish you hadn’t been brave and cleaned out your closet.  You can’t see it in these pics, but the top has buttons and puckering at the bust, giving it more character than a plain white tee, which is what I was planning to substitute with in its place.  But as I sifted through my giveaway piles to figure out what I could maybe sell (more to come soon!) there was the top, back from the dead!  Booyah.  So, here it is.  An outfit too simple for me to ever think of on my own (which is weird because my style is simple…), but one that I love.  
Are there pieces you wish you hadn’t gotten rid of?

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