27 Gift Ideas for Guys – My Husband’s Favorite Items and More

If there’s one thing to know about my husband Benson, it’s that he’s pretty picky about his stuff. He researches the heck out of things and scrutinizes his purchases. For today’s gift guide, I’m sharing some of his very favorite things that make great gifts for guys in your life (and for anyone, really—I use a lot of these products as well)! I also added a few favorites from other people I know, as well as items that have some popular buzz that are worth checking out!

One thing I’ll say is that there are several gift ideas here that don’t look that impressive or noteworthy, but they are so good and sooo practical! They are items we have gifted to others who are still using them every day, years later. I love when one of our friends wears something or brings something out to use that we gave them a while ago, and they say, “This thing is so awesome.” 💛

All right, without further ado, here are some of Benson’s favorite items (and more) that are totally worth checking out!

Practical and Affordable Gifts for Guys

  1. Nike Dri-Fit Workout Tees – My husband works out 6 days a week and loves these! Lots of colors.
  2. Cable Organizer – Small gift that makes packing up to work remotely at a coffee shop more enjoyable through organization.  
  3. Electric Kettle – Lets you boil water at specific temps and keeps water hot long after you’ve turned it on.
  4. Back & Neck Deep Tissue Massager – If you want a heavier duty massager, try this one. Nearly 19,600 reviews!
  5. LEGO SetsLEGO is not just for kids! With Addie getting more and more into LEGO, Benson brought out his old childhood sets that his mom saved (crazy, I know!). He got the wave art print, and it looks really cool in his office. 
  6. Theracane Massager – SO helpful! Lets you get the knots out of your own shoulders and back whenever you need! We’ve gifted these to MANY friends, and they’ve loved it.
  7. Packing Cubes – Game changers! We’ve gifted these many times, and EVERYONE reports how life-changing they are after they finally use them. Keeps your whole suitcase organized and makes traveling less stressful. Can throw these in the washing machine! This brand is also AMAZING. I’ve used the SAME SET for OVER 15 years with heavy travel, and they are still going strong!
  8. Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Speaker – comes in several colors and has 97,600+ reviews and 4.6 stars!
  9. Slim Pocket Wallet – Cut the bulk and travel lighter. 2,200+ great reviews.  
  10. Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – 191,000+ great reviews! Compact w/ a cool design.
  11. City Map Print – Spruce up their office with this cool custom city map print for any city!
  12. Daily Travel Backpack – Nearly 90,000 reviews and 4.7 stars! Water-resistant laptop backpack that people LOVE for travel and daily use. 
  13. Insulated Spill-Proof Thermos – Really good quality! Keeps coffee hot for hours.
  14. Portable iPhone / iPad Powerbank – Gifted the older version of this to a friend who is always out and about so he couldn’t charge his phone, and it changed his world.
  15. Back and Neck Heating Massager – I don’t own this one, but it looks sooo nice to relax after a long day!
  16. Golf Ball Retriever Another one of Ceci’s husband’s favorite things. She said, “What does it say about my husband’s game that one of his favorite things is this tool that helps him retrieve his golf ball from water holes? 😅 Either way, maybe a golfer in your life will appreciate this handy and affordable tool!”
  17. UNIQLO Jeans – Comfy jeans! We recently upgraded Benson’s wardrobe and he landed on these jeans. UNIQLO also offers free hemming services!
  18. UNIQLO Color Stretch Jeans and Pants – We also got Benson a couple of these in different colors. They’re labeled as jeans but look more like pants. He says they are comfy as well. UNIQLO offers free hemming service when you buy pants.
  19. Massage Gun – While the Theracane is helpful, Benson has been obsessed with this massage gun this year. It’s so easy to use and relieves muscle tension faster and with less work on your part. A ton of our friends reach for this when they visit our house now. I prefer to use this on my legs whereas I still find it easier to use the Theracane on my shoulders – I do not like the massage gun shaking my head when I use it on my shoulders, haha!
  20. Comfy Long Sleeve Tee – Benson just started wearing these, and they are SO COMFY! Medium wight and super soft with a good drape. He loves them!
  21. Layering Tee – Super practical and affordable. Layer these under tops in the winter to stay warm. 
  22. Stovetop Espresso Maker Another one of Ceci’s husband’s favorites. She says, “Affordable and space-efficient! This thing makes really good espresso the way many Italians make it in their homes. Note: 1 cup = 1 espresso shot. We use the 6-cup size (6 espresso shots) and pour with hot water for an Americano or over ice for iced coffee drinks.”
  23. Ugg Slippers Cozy without the bulk. Lots of colors available.
  24. Fellow Carter 3-in-1 Sip System My husband loves this. Sleek and modern design with 3 sipping options.
  25. Nike Blazer Mid Vintage Sneakers Step up any outfit with a pair of these! Several colors available.
  26. Nike Blazer Low Sneakers Low top version of the pair above that will elevate outfits just the same!
  27. Induction Cooktop My husband loves to cook. He recently got this and loves it. Heats up pans and boils water SO quickly. Heat is distributed more evenly. You can adjust the heat settings to exactly what you want them to be, and you can set a timer so that the heat turns off when you want it to without you being there. No more burning or overcooking because you forgot about something on the stove!


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