Best Sellers From the Past Year! (2023)

PMT's 2023 Most Popular Items

Hey there! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break! My family and I spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong at the end of December visiting family, celebrating my husband’s grandma turning 100 years old, exploring, and immersing our kids in their family’s roots. But since we were vacationing, I didn’t have a chance to round up last year’s best sellers until now! So, here we are — better late than never. 😊

Today I’ll share a list of the PMT community’s best sellers from the past year (2023), and soon I’ll share my personal favorites from the past year!

The PMT Community’s Best Sellers for 2023

This year’s most-sold items were almost all from Amazon, which was a bit of a surprise! But, here they are:

1. Tie Waist Peplum Top – Great top that can be worn in nice casual outfits for brunch or work and can be dressed up for business casual. With a tie waist that has elastic in the back for extra flexibility and comfort, you don’t need to tuck this top! Available in 28 prints and colors and in sizes XS to 4X! I wear size S.

2. Maxi Dress – Soooo comfy, easy, and breezy! Very stretchy, soft, and easy to wear. Several colors and a few prints. I wear size S.

3. Hoop Earrings – This style adds a modern touch and goes with EVERYTHING, including athleisure looks. This pair is insanely affordable and very lightweight. I’ve worn them almost every day since getting them this past year. I wear size 30mm.

4. Amazon Cable Crewneck Sweater – VERY soft, thick, and cozy, but not super heavy, so it doesn’t weigh you down. I like that it’s on the shorter side so I don’t have to tuck it, making it pair easily with wide leg and flare jeans. Available in several colors. I wear size S.

5. Initial Pendant – This is an incredibly affordable, basically exact dupe of the initial pendant I wear daily. Mine cost $50 (though I got it for $35 during an NSale), but this dupe is $12.99!

6. Ruffle Sleeve Top – Pretty and simple, but elevated thanks to the sleeves. There are two styles in this link, one with a crewneck and one with a v-neck. The one I reviewed is the crewneck. I wear size M.

7. Sleeveless Blouse – Great basic that is suuuuper affordable. Wear it by itself, or layer it under cardigans and blazers. Several solid colors and prints. I wear size S. There’s a v-neck version HERE.

8. Striped Tank Dress // Short Sleeve Dress – Ohhhh so comfy! Gotta love a stretchy t-shirt dress. I especially like that this is belted and provides shape. And, it has POCKETS! There is a tank version and a short-sleeve version, and I wear size S for both. NOTE: Some colors/prints are VERY soft and VERY stretchy, while others are still a comfy t-shirt material but not AS soft.

9. Heeled Ankle Boot – This pair is gorgeous for any elevated casual, dressy, or work look. The tall shaft is very slim and fits under even the slimmest straight leg jeans, plus anything wider than that. I wear size 9.

10. Dolce Vita Zina Sneaker – I got these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July and have worn them pretty much every day I could, weather permitting. I will say that for a period, if I wore them for too long, one portion rubbed one of my toes. HOWEVER, the more I wore them, the more they conformed to my feet. And, while we were in Hong Kong, I wore them all day every day traveling around the city for 6-8 hours at a time with absolutely NO pain. I was honestly shocked, but that is all just to say that they really did conform to my feet over time. However, it took a while to get to that point.

Runner Up #1: Caslon Blazer
This is not well-stocked anymore, but it is a very comfy blazer that feels like a sweatshirt. The material is thin, so it drapes well and hangs nicely. This has been a PMT community fave over the years, though modified cuts have come out each year.

Runner Up  #2: Moto Jacket
This Edith Faux Suede Moto Jacket is VERYYYY soft and stretchy, super duper comfy, and comes in several colors! It dresses up date night looks and can be worn to the office. You can also throw it over a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers for a cool casual look.

NOTE: Do not mistake this moto jacket for the Emma Faux Suede Moto Jacket, which I learned is heavier and not quite as stretchy when I tried it on this year. I much prefer the EDITH as it’s lighter and, therefore, easier to wear all day.

There are some REALLY GOOD items on this list, and I hope you’ve found joy in wearing them this year! That said, I have almost totally different items on my personal favorites list, and I’m excited to share them with you soon. Stay tuned! 😄


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