Black and Tan. Do It.

black and tan outfit
black and tan outfit
black and tan outfit
black and tan outfit
Friends, if you haven’t heard, black and tan is the way to go.  I used to get asked that a lot and still do from time to time.  YES.  Huge, emphatic yes from me!  It’s one of my favorite combos!
About 5 years ago I wore a TON of black.  My mom would always comment on how my clothes were “so dark-dark.”  Why she needed to add the extra “dark” I’ll never understand.  Perhaps the quirk of Asian immigrant parents?  (Hehe, hi Mom.  😀 ) Anyway, the point is that I wore a ton of black, and I only ever thought I could pair it with black or red.  Well, that made all my black clothes feel very professional or dressed up which did not really work for my lifestyle or job.  
The reason I’m in loooove with black and tan is because I think tan softens up black a lot, and I believe it makes black pieces more casual.  
On another note, I’m loving this dress.  I realize it might not be *the best* with my wider hips and smaller chest–kinda accentuates my wider hips from some angles–but OH WELL.  Life is not perfect and bodies are not perfect, but this dress is so easy to wear!  It’s fully lined so you don’t need to wear a cami or slip underneath it.  It’s been great for the summer and I’m glad to have it in my closet for another upcoming heatwave in my area.  But I also know it’ll be good for the transition from fall to summer.  Neutral pieces tend to be good for that.  
Despite all the wrinkles in these pictures, my white version of this dress does not wrinkle this much.  I took these pictures after Addie sat on me with a wet tush coming out of a pool, and I’m pretty sure the water combined with her sitting on me intensified the wrinkling.  The dress wrinkles, but not as badly as shown here.  Bad blogger!  Haha, sorry people.  Like I said, life is not perfect!
Lastly, this dress is nursing friendly!  The number one request I got for NSale pieces was nursing friendly.  Not what I was expecting.  That sale didn’t have great nursing friendly pieces, but this dress is a good one!  (See other nursing friendly outfits HERE.)
I’m normally S/M and wearing S.  

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Old Navy (exact)
Sandals: Nordstrom (exact)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact)
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (exact)
Necklace: c/o Sela Designs (exact)

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