Black Jeans

Blazer:  Forever 21  |  Top: H&M  |  Black skinnies: Forever 21  |  Belt: Kohl’s  |  Wedges: Target  |  Ring: c/o Stella & Dot

Like I mentioned on Monday’s post about the rat, I haven’t taken new outfit pics, so here’s an old one that was never posted.  Black and tan.  Easy enough, right?  Seems effortless, but for whatever reason it took me so long to put these pieces together.  I love when that happens, but at the same time I’m like DUHHH, how did that take so long?  
Anyway, Lauren from Seek First asked me if I thought black jeans were a good idea.  A while ago I would have said they were a waste of money as they’re so similar to dark blue jeans, but nowadays I’m totally loving the nuance.  Can you tell?  I’ve got this outfit plus two recent outfits (here and here) with these black skinnies (which were $9.50 at F21, BTW!)  If you’re contemplating black jeans, I’d say go for it.  Especially since different colored bottoms will make your wardrobe more versatile.  😉
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