Comfy Striped Dress

striped dress outfit
striped dress outfit
striped dress with booties

In a couple of recent posts I’ve been talking about this ultra comfy striped dress–the one that’s actually a maternity dress (even though I’m not pregnant)!  This was included in last Friday’s post with my list of comfiest clothes ever (HERE), but I didn’t have an outfit picture with it then.  Today I do!

I have a very similar t-shirt dress HERE, which was a regular dress that I bought for pregnancy.  Today’s dress is a maternity dress that I bought when I wasn’t pregnant, haha.  I never LOVED the one I bought while I was pregnant, but I was desperate during that time for some clothes!  When I saw this maternity dress on Leanne I tried it just to review it since I get asked often about my striped t-shirt dress.  I ended up liking it better than mine so I kept it as a replacement!  No one should ever let me near a good striped dress.  It’s a weakness!
With today’s post you can see what it looks like on.  I knooooow some of you have wanted a striped dress like this but have been hesitating just because it’s maternity, and I get it.  But it is literally exactly like my old non-maternity dress except it doesn’t pill (one problem with my old one), and the stripes are bolder.  Most maternity dresses are slightly longer in the front to accommodate for a growing baby bump, but this one is not.  Seriously, it’s just a regular dress that has a “maternity” label on it.  
I’m wearing this in small.  Medium was slightly too big and too drapey on me, though if I actually wanted to wear this thing as a maternity dress I don’t think S would carry me full term.  It’s stretchy, but it doesn’t seem like it has enough give for a 37-40 week belly.  I’d probably need to go for a medium if I were to wear this as maternity.
Anyway, highly recommended!  Tomorrow I’ll talk about these boots with some ways to wear ankle boots even if it’s not fall weather where you are.  Stay tuned!
Shop for the Look:
Dress: Target (exact, similar Old Navy–stripes are closer together and more swing silhouette)
Blazer: Nordstrom (exact–size S)
Boots: Nordstrom (exact, size 9)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact)
Necklace: Nordstrom years ago (similar)
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (exact)
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