Easy on the Dressing

Dress: Target  |  Belt:  Target  |  Flats: Old Navy (shop similar)  |  Tote: ebags.com (shop)
No, the title of today’s post is not about salad dressing.  I’m talking about the days you want to look nice but don’t have enough alert brain cells to do it.  I had a loooooong weekend in Chicago being locked in a recording studio for 11 hours at a time, ending at insane hours of 2am and 4am.  Needless to say, I was a zombie.
I dug up this old outfit post from another zombie-like day last week.  It’s a very similar look to the last time I featured this dress, but instead with some animal print, because animal print always makes it look like you tried.  And of course, on one of the days that I put the least effort into getting ready my co-worker tells me how nice I look.  See, animal print = magic.  Even with a dress that feels like pajamas.  Are you into animal print?  
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