FASTer Way to Fat Loss Post Round 2 Update + BEFORE & AFTER Pics!

I’m getting ready to take a little blogging break for Christmas, but before I do, I wanted to FINALLY give an update after finishing my second round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

If you haven’t heard me talk about FASTer Way yet, let me recap you!

  • It’s a 6-week program that combines a nutrition cycle + workout plan (which I barely did, to be honest) in a super, super strategic way.
  • I’ve written 3 posts about it so far, today being the 4th.  Read them all HERE to catch up.  There’s a long intro post all about what it is, plus a REALLY long Q&A post answering a billion reader questions.
  • I’ve completed two rounds, so today I’m sharing my results from the 2nd round.
  • I started Round 1 when I was 3.5 months postpartum.  I had already lost 2/3 of my pregnancy weight (breastfeeding helped), but even with breastfeeding I reached a plateau and couldn’t get rid of the last 8-10 lbs.  Plus my body was so, so soft–I was not strong!
  • After my 1st round I lost 7-8 inches around my body!  Read more details about my first round HERE.  You can see the difference in the pic below. For the next 2 weeks before the 2nd round started, I continued to lose another 4 inches even though I wasn’t really working out and was fudging the nutrition even more.  That first round kickstarted my body into a fat burning machine!

Then I started my 2nd round, and today I’m sharing my results!

HOLY COW.  The first pic is 3.5 months postpartum when I started FASTer Way to Fat Loss.  Middle pic is at the end of Round 1, after 6 weeks.  Last pic is at the end of Round 2!  Crazy, crazy, crazy!

The Results

  • From 10/17 (when Round 2 started) to 11/3, I lost an additional 5-6 inches!  SHEESH!  I’m blown away.
  • I went into Round 2 wanting to be super tight on nutrition and REALLY doing the workouts.  I started out for the first 2-3 weeks with the workouts, increasing from Beginner to At-Home, and then I realized At-Home workouts took too long and that was crazy unmotivating for me.  Haha!  I just want something QUICK.  So I actually stopped working out.  FAIL!  I still lost inches, which is a crazy testament to what has been said so many times about this program–nutrition is the most important piece.  
  • On the note of nutrition–I ate about the same or sometimes a little worse than Round 1, hahaha!  Oh gosh, what a huge failure in terms of my goals.  But again, still lost significant inches–I mean look at Sept 4 to Nov 5–which is also a testament to how flexible this program can be while still being crazy effective.  
  • From start to finish, Round 1 to Round 2 with the transition time between rounds plus prep weeks, I lost a total of 16-17 inches all my body.  Without killing myself working out.  And while still eating burritos.  (See my past posts about FASTer Way for details about how/what I ate.) That is insane.  Seriously blown away.
  • I weigh less than I did before I had ADDIE.  Not Ella!  ADDIE.  I now weigh less than before I had any kids!
  • I think I need new jeans now.  My favorite Wit & Wisdom jeggings have been feeling baggy around my legs, and I keep having to pull them up.  I keep wondering if maybe my jeans are just stretched out, but if you’ve been reading PMT for a while, you know I DON’T BUY jeans that sag in the first place!  I’m gonna hold off though because I’m still in disbelief, haha!  However, if you notice my jeans have too much extra material around my legs, losing serious inches around my hips and legs is why!

What now?

  • In the long Q&A many of you wanted to know if this would be a sustainable lifestyle, or if it’d be one of those things where you’d lose weight then all of a sudden put it back on.  Personally, it has become a lifestyle.  I find this program extremely flexible in the sense that I have barely worked out and fudged the diet sooooo, so, so, so much, and still probably need new jeans because of all the inches I lost.
  • I registered for two rounds and at this point do not plan to register for more.  It’s a lifestyle you can do on your own (i.e. pay once to go through it and not pay more later.)  I personally paid for that recent second round because I knew I needed skin in the game to actually do it decently.
  • Another question was do you have to track your macros always and forever?  I haven’t been.  If I feel like I need to tighten things up, I’ll track them for a few days or a week to rein it in a little.  I let myself relax, but I don’t want to drift SO far for too long because then it’s harder to pull it back in.
  • I still need to work out.  Yes, I lost lots of inches, but I want to be healthy inside too.  I LIKE the Beginner workouts.  They were quick, and I was feeling stronger when I was doing them during Round 1!  I can always increase the weight I use for each exercise.  But to be honest, I’m going to skip sprint days probably now until forever.  Hahaha!
  • I don’t plan to trim down more.  Benson and I continue to eat this way as a lifestyle, and he’s been continuing the workouts.  I plan to incorporate some Beginner workouts back to get stronger.  We are doing it for overall health and maintenance with no plans to lose more fat/weight.  I don’t know if that will cause me to trim down more, but it’s not my goal.  Like, honestly, I don’t want to buy new clothes.  Haha!  I’ve spent a long time creating a closet I love, and I actually don’t want to buy a whole bunch of new jeans.

You can do this!

If you’ve been thinking about doing this, or if you have done it and couldn’t make it through but still want to try again, you CAN do this!  I wrote in my previous first two posts that if you can just get through the first 3 weeks, it will get better.  The first three-ish weeks are SOOOOOO overwhelming!  And you honestly might gain a little weight the first few weeks and feel weird and headachey and off–it’s the detox period.  I didn’t see significant results until Week 6 (the last week) of Round 1.

Now that I’ve got a few months of this lifestyle under my belt, I can safely say it becomes innate, it’s incredibly flexible meaning there’s a lot of room to “mess up,” you’re encouraged to enjoy treats and food you love (there’s a built in “treat day”), and you don’t have to kill yourself working out.

If you want more details about what you can eat or what the exercises look like, read my first two posts:

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As a reminder, I am not any type of official representative for FASTer Way, and I’m definitely not an expert.  FWTFL provides coaches to answer your questions once you’re in the program, and you can email [email protected] with questions prior to registering. I’m just someone who did the program once, just like any of you would, and used their referral program that anyone can use.




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