Guest Post: Belting Your Curves

Like I said yesterday, Katie from Hems for Heris back with a second guest post!

During the Remixable Wardrobe Series I received a handful of comments saying that tucking shirts into skirts or belting outfits, etc. wouldn’t work for women who are on the curvier side.  Having watched enough What Not to Wear (haha) to know that there is hope, I’ve asked Katie to show how belts can be your best friend, no matter what size you are!

If you are a lady who hates her midsection (like 99 % of the female population), then you’ve probably

been hesitant at some point to wear a belt because you feel like it will be drawing attention to the biggest part of you. But worn correctly, belts can add structure and shape to any outfit and actually flatter you, no matter what your shape!

Did you know that belts shouldn’t actually be worn to keep too big pants on you? I know it sounds crazy, but today’s styles expect your clothes to fit and your belt to be used for fashion not function. A year ago, I owned one belt that I never wore, but as I finally grew braver enough to wear belts my collection has expanded.

So if you are ready to expand your belt know-how, here are some tips for helping you get started!

Experiment With Different Widths
Play around with the width of your belts. Belts can be found in a rainbow of colors and a variety of widths. Don’t be afraid to wear a skinny belt! One of my most beloved belts is my skinny mustard belt from Target. I wear it at least once a week. But I also love my wide belts. Experiment with different sizes.

Experiment With Placement
You also need to experiment with the placement of your belt. Most how-to guides will suggest wearing the belt around the narrowest part of the waist, but don’t feel like that’s the only spot for a belt. They can be worn around your natural middle or slung low around your hips.

Use a Contrasting Color
In the beginning you may want to stick with tonal looks- a black belt with a black dress, but don’t discount the magic of contrasting your belt with your outfit- brown with black or mustard with coral or red with black. Belts can be better accessories than jewelry sometimes.

Layer Belts with Cardigans
This is truly one of my signature looks, especially in the fall with cooler weather. This is also helpful when you are uncomfortable with wearing a belt. You can layer it over or under the cardigan depending on what you feel most comfortable with.

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Big thanks to Katie for taking the time to show us that you don’t have to be scared of belts if you don’t like your mid-section.  In fact, they can cinch your waist and actually flatter your figure.  It’s all about experimenting with placement and width, though!  So don’t be scared to experiment, especially if it’s just you in front of your closet.  Like I’ve said before, the worst that can happen is that you stand in front of your mirror, make this face, and change out of your outfit! 

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