Hair Talk

Let’s pause on the clothing talk today.  In summary: striped skirts = win every time.  
Moving on to more important topics, like…hair.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments about my hair lately.  Soooooo, yes, it’s getting longer.  I was gonna grow it out a lot more, like to the middle of my back / past my shoulder blades just to feel what it’s like again and to see if I would actually style it.  (I had hair down to my waist for most of my life until about 5-6 years ago.)  
Anyway, my little dilemma is that I rather like it at roughly this length.  This is still my cut from when I first started growing it out 7 months ago.  I haven’t even trimmed it, haha!  But the cut is still holding its shape pretty well, which is fantastic.  I like that I can either leave it as is but that I can actually do other stuff to it now too, which is all I really wanted.  I can finally pull it back into a ponytail or I can give it some wavy volume, so I feel pretty content.
Since I didn’t actually DO anything to my hair when it was down to my waist–no layers, no bangs, no nothing–I’m not sure what the possibilities would be and if it’s worth it to grow my hair out more.  My hair grows pretty dang fast, but still…is it worth it?  What do you think, peoples?!
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