Hi-Low Trend?

Dress: Target  |  Orange pumps: Urban Outfitters (shop)  |  Necklace: c/o Sway Chic
If you follow me on Instagram (moomooaudrey) this outfit might look familiar.  I wore it last week when B and I went out to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary.  Every year we go out to eat ridiculously good steak instead of getting gifts and doing nice things for each other because, well, our real love language is food.  I don’t need a kiss, just give me steak.  Nom nom nom.
The hi-low trend.  If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, a hi-low garment is when the hem is higher on one side than it is on the other.  I don’t know if I’d say I’m a fan of it, even though I’m wearing a hi-low dress.  First of all, I swear hi-low dresses were big when I was in high school.  Does anyone remember that, or was I just way ahead of my time?  🙂  Secondly, I guess I don’t see the point.  Maybe I don’t quite understand them yet?  Haha.  However, I love this dress!  Not because it’s hi-low, but because the color and print and blah blah is so ME.  And it’s another piece that goes with my orange pumps.  Booyah.  It just happens to be hi-low, and I’m mostly neutral about that part.  Are you guys into the hi-low trend?  If so, tell me why you like it so much.  Sell me on it, peoples!

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