How to Wear Olive Skinny Jeans – 15 Ways

I’ve been saying my olive pants have become one of my closet staples and are among my most worn bottoms, so I thought I’d do a little remix recap with them.
outfits with olive jeans
I knew I’d worn them a lot, but seeing them all together in one place–sheesh man.  I really have worn them a lot!  I also have some pretty strong themes in here, and seeing them all is inspiring me with new ways I can break out.
First, some of the themes:
Olive + navy –  It appears I love it, because I did it a ton.  Navy sweater, navy blouse, navy polka dot top, and navy blazer.  
Olive + leopard – I did this several times as well, but it’s inspiring me to try wearing my olive pants with other patterned shoes I own too.
Olive + red flats – I like the pop of red as the “punctuation” or “period” to the outfit.  I need to do this more.
Olive + mustard – I LOVE the outfit with the white blouse and mustard scarf (#4 in the top row).  Pairing olive with mustard is another thing I’d like to do more of this season.
Olive is a pseudo neutral and can actually go with a lot of things, but I’ve mostly stuck to navy, grey, white, cognac, and a little mustard and red.  I could definitely work in some pale pink, dark purple, and some floral prints this season!
If you own olive pants, what colors do you pair them with most often?  If you don’t own any and are looking, here are a few options from Macy’s, Old Navy, H&M, and American Eagle, and almost all of them are pretty darn cheap right now.
Links to Shop:
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