Husband’s Favorite

Tee: Target  |  Blazer: Target  |  Jeans: NY&Co.  |  Yellow Flats: Old Navy  |  Scarf: Swapped
Here you go, my weekend wear.  I mentioned a few posts ago that I wear this grey tee almost every weekend, so I thought it was time to put it on the blog…especially since it is one of the simple outfits I fear posting.  I feel so lazy throwing on a plain tee and blazer, but I actually love, love, love a blazer + tee + skinny jean outfit.  It’s one of my favorite outfits to wear and that I see on others.  And it’s so easy that it feels like cheating!
This tee is also one of my husband’s all time favorite things I wear, even sans blazer.  A plain tee and skinny jeans?  Why do I bother trying so hard to come up with cute outfits when the man is so easily pleased?  Lesson learned from this week: Simple or easy does not have to equate to boring or uninspiring.  (Your encouraging comments this week have really helped drill that into my head–THANK YOU!)  In fact, an easy outfit that still looks cute just means you’re beating the system, and beating = winning.  So really, easy = winning.  Winning!
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