LOFT Sale – Everything 40% Off

Hey guys!  Popping in really quickly to review a few items I recently got from LOFT.  It’s particularly pertinent because today LOFT is having a 40% off sale

Blue Tie Waist Dress
First up is this dress.  The print has a similar feel to the blue maxi dress I talked about earlier this week, but the silhouette and neckline are different.  And the length, obviously.  I love this dress!  It’s pretty thin and therefore lightweight and comfortable.  It’s that soft material that’s super easy to do anything in and can be styled for work with a blazer or sandals and a crossbody for a casual day.  Very easy to move around in.  However, because it’s thin I’d recommend wearing a slip underneath if you want to smooth out bumps and lumps.

I’m normally size 6 in dresses and I’m wearing this in Medium.  All my pictures were fuzzy for some reason (maybe because of the moving baby in the front?) so I couldn’t get a good closeup of the adorable print, but you can see it on the product site.

It also comes in a maroon-ish version HERE.

I really, really wanted to love this skirt because I’ve been looking for a coral skirt for a while.  But, I’m a 7/10 which in Benson’s rule book is not quite enough.  
It’s slightly too big in the waist for me.  I’m 6/8 on bottom (smaller waist but larger hips) and wearing this in Small, and the waist is still a little loose.  It’s also thin and would need a slip underneath.  Perhaps a darker color would also be a little more flattering.  It comes in black, navy, coral, and berry.  
My guess is it would look fantastic on someone with narrower hips because of how it hangs.  I like the skirt overall, just not for me.  🙁

Remember last week when I talked about solid colored tops that aren’t cotton tees?  (THIS post.)  This coral top is AWESOME!  It is 100% polyester (sorry for those who can’t wear that).  BUT, while sometimes polyester feels super cheap and is thick and doesn’t move well, this is a thinner, flowy polyester that drapes really nicely!  These pictures don’t do it justice.  The top is lightweight, and while that’s a plus, you would probably need to wear a cami under it.  
There’s a cute slight flutter detail to the sleeves and a slight hi-lo hem.  
I’m normally S/M on top and I’m wearing this in S.  XS almost fit too, which is only to say I’d size down rather than up if you are unsure.

Also, the price shows a red “sale” number, but the 40% off still applies on top of that at checkout.

Any other LOFT finds people should be aware of?

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