March Best Sellers for Spring😍

March’s best sellers are full of PRETTY spring pieces! I shared a ton of affordable Amazon pieces again this month, though there are a few other pieces from Etsy that made the list. Learn all about them below!

Also, check out all past best sellers HERE if you want some of the best of the best items.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

1. Amazon Ruffle Sleeve Top – size S; 6 colors and prints; $18.30-$30.80
I shared about this top several times, in both the dark floral print which is unfortunately nearly sold out now, and the solid white version. After owning this top for several weeks now, I’ve gotta say, I like it more and more! It’s really lightweight, is nice and flowy and drapes well, and has pretty details at the shoulders. It’s sooooo nice to be able to just throw on with jeans and look springy and put-together. This works in nicer casual outfits as well as workwear. It comes in 3 prints and 3 solid colors (cream, black, navy). It kind of reminds me of LOFT tops, and it’s only $30. Check them out HERE. I wear size S.

2. Amazon Ruffle Skirt – size M; 6 prints; $23.89-$25.89
This skirt is soooo cute and comes in even more adorable prints. You can see the red printed skirt on me in the collage above. I’ve also got my eye on the black and white animal print one, but given that I don’t wear skirts alllll that much these days, I’m trying to control myself, haha! This midi skirt is lightweight, adorable, and affordable at under $25! It has a stretchy elastic waistband for extra comfort, too. Check it out in several prints HERE. I wear size M.

3. Etsy Leopard Print T-Shirt – size S; $22.99-24.99
I got this tee from Etsy, and while I wish it draped better, it is comfy. It’s super soft. It just kinda clings more than it drapes, and y’all know I prefer a good drape because I feel that works better for the partial front tuck. 😄 But, I can knot it instead. I appreciate having a colorful tee to wear every once in a while! Check it out HERE.

4. KUT from the Kloth Denim Jacket – size M; $47.40-$79
This is my favorite denim jacket that’s super SOFT and STRETCHY and comfy! It doesn’t have pockets, which I thought would be a deal breaker for me, but in 2 years I haven’t missed the pockets once since my phone is usually too big for denim jacket pockets anyway. It’s so comfy and I’m the kind of person who would prioritize the comfort above the pockets. Check out this denim jacket HERE. Comes in straight, petite, and plus sizes. I wear the color Sweet, which is currently not available at the moment, but it usually comes back in stock, so keep checking for it. There are other washes as well!

Also, if you need pockets, someone else on Team PMT recommended THIS denim jacket instead. Available in both straight and plus sizes.

5. Amazon Sleeveless Top – size 6; 22 colors and prints; crew and v-neck; $9.97-$27
This sleeveless shell is an affordable Amazon find that’s great for workwear and nicer casual outfits. You can dress it down with jeans like I did here, or pair it with slacks for work. It comes in 22 colors and prints in addition to crewneck versions and v-neck versions. And, it’s only $19! I’m wearing the color Black Ivory Polka Dot in size 6. Check it out HERE.

6. Amazon Paper Bag Tie-Waist Pants – size S; 13 colors; $16.99-$39.99
These pants were a PMT favorite from last spring, and they’re still great for this year, too! These are very, very stretchy and comfortable with a fully elastic waistband, and they’re pretty lightweight. They are super affordable, ranging between $16.99 to $26.99 depending on the color and size, but know that the material kind of reflects that. They ARE very comfy, but if you’re looking for pants that feel super high quality, you might want to pass on these. 😆 They come in 13 colors, which you can find HERE. I wear size S.

These pants work great with the Amazon ruffle top (as shown in the collage above) and the Amazon sleeveless top. Wear it to work with a cardigan, or make it a nicer casual look with a denim jacket!

7. Dear Mushka Gold Locket Pendant Necklace – $38
This has been my most worn necklace for the last several years. It goes with basically everything and does an amazing job of pulling together an outfit, despite its simplicity. It’s actually a locket, so you can put a picture in it! See ways I’ve worn it HERE. Or just go through any post on my blog and you’ll find it. 😆 I literally wear it all the time! Get it HERE.

NOTE: I found the original chain a little fragile, so I swapped it out with a chain from an old necklace I had. You can find other chains at craft stores or on Amazon. My new chain is 34″.

8. Amazon 3/4-Sleeve Puff Sleeve Top – size 6; 6 colors and prints; $6.55-$34.60
This top is a fairly affordable Amazon find. It’s pretty thick and works as a versatile basic piece, but it has a few special details to elevate it, such as the 3/4-sleevespuffed shoulders, and some cute buttons down the back. It comes in 6 colors, which you can see HERE. I wear size 6. There is a thinner version in more of a coral-ish pink HERE. I own that one in a different print, and I wear it in size 6. (See the navy printed one on me HERE.)

9. Amazon Faux Suede Flats – size 9; 11 colors; $26.99
I own these flats in three colors (yellow, red, and taupe) and have had them for years. Love them! I really, really like them for their price point. The upper doesn’t feel stiff or crease like other cheap flats at a similar price point. These are more flexible. Now, of course they don’t compare to more expensive and higher quality shoes. But I will say that at least from appearances, I get asked OFTEN if these are Rothy’s! 😁 They come in 10 colors (!!) and a leopard print. Check them out HERE. See the ways I’ve worn the yellow pair HERE and the red pair HERE.

One note is they run a tad wide, so if you have narrow feet, you might wanna pass on these.

10. Amazon Flutter Sleeve Short Sleeve Top – 8 colors and prints; $19.57-$30.10
I haven’t tried this personally, but I linked to it as an alternative to the ruffle sleeve top above. This one has similar short sleeves, but with a bit more volume, and it comes in several more prints. Check them out HERE!


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