Maroon, Olive, and Polka Dots

I wore this to get our Christmas tree.  It’s a Douglas Fir, aka Fir-galicious.  (*insert husband’s eye roll*)  And as if referring to our tree as Firgalicious doesn’t garner enough eye rolls, I say good morning and good night to it everyday too, because that’s perfectly normal.  Right.
I’ve decided that if I were ever forced to wear red/green I would do it with maroon/olive.  I didn’t intentionally wear these colors because of tree shopping; fate just had it that way.  And I say “forced” to wear red and green because I prefer metallics for Christmas themed attire.  Red and green?  I’m not quite that full of holiday cheer.  Though, I do talk to my Christmas tree…but like we said, that’s normal.  It’s pretty much just exercising good manners.
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Sweater: Target (similar, similar, similar)
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