Miracle of Miracles

Top: Forever 21  |  Skirt: Forever 21 (shop similar)  |  Denim Jacket: Forever 21 (shop similar #1, shop similar #2, shop similar #3)  |  Wedges: Kohl’s (shop)
I combined three of my favorite recent (re)discoveries in this outfit: graphic tees, knotting tees over a skirt, and black and white.  Four, if you count my denim jacket.
I’m delighted to say that after nearly a year of starting this blog I’ve found myself increasingly feeling like I have an abundance of clothes.  I mean, I already knew that, but often times it didn’t feel like it.  You know, like this:

This month I’ve returned a lot of things because I simply didn’t feel like they needed to be in my closet.  When I’ve looked into my closet this month, the possibilities have seemed endless.  Maybe not all of them are “style-blog worthy” (whatever that means), but they are still good and interesting.
And, for probably the first time in a long time, I’m way, way, way under my shopping budget.  Miracle of miracles, people!  This calls for a celebration.  Perhaps a trip to the mall?  😉

BTW, remember to enter to win $50 to Lisa Leonard!

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