My Current Most Used Accessories – Spring to Summer 2017

Accessories for Summer
I often get asked, “How do you look cute and put together when it’s too hot to rely on layers like completer pieces to pull together outfits?”  One of my main strategies for summer style is to utilize accessories.  Lately I’ve been relying on the same handful of accessories, and while I’m sure I’ll add more as we really get into summer, if I were told I couldn’t buy anymore accessories until the fall, I think I’d be pretty satisfied with these.  That’s just to say if you are trying to figure out a place to start with summer accessories, this list should serve you well.  And truly, many of these are not limited to the summer and are pieces I wear through multiple seasons and some year round.  

For each item, I linked to where you can shop the item as well as ways I’ve worn the item on the blog.  There are more outfits with each piece on Instagram that don’t get filed under the search labels I’ve created on the blog, so I tried to include some of them in the picture roundup as well. 

White Tassel Necklace Outfits

White Tassel Necklace:  SHOP NECKLACE  |  OUTFITS

I’ve already talked about this necklace because it had been out of stock since last year and recently came back in stock.  It’s on sale for 40% off, making it $11.98!  I bought it last year with the turquoise one, thinking I’d use the turquoise one way more and maybe wouldn’t use the white one.  Wrong!  Totally backwards.  I love the white one!  I’ve said before how it “lifts” my outfits, even though it’s just a small piece of jewelry.  Like, sometimes my outfit feels a little drab with a normal gold pendant necklace, but when I swap in this white tassel necklace suddenly the outfit kinda comes to life.  
Fair warning, it does look like a $12 piece of jewelry and not more expensive.  If that would bother you, I wouldn’t recommend this.  Obviously I don’t mind it at all, and neither do the people around me because we all wear inexpensive jewelry and none of us even give it a double take thinking they “look cheap,” haha!  
Many people have asked, based on what reviews said, if the tassels have fallen off.  I’ve had mine for a year and have NEVER had a problem with this.  Does it look expensive?  No, not really.  But is it durable?  Yes–at least the one I bought last year is!  
Gold Statement Necklace Outfits
Gold Stick Statement Necklace:  SHOP SIMILAR NECKLACE
Aw man, my stick bib necklace is sold out already!  Well, in case it comes back in stock (*fingers crossed*), I love this piece and you can stalk it to see if it comes back HERE.  It reminded me of a veryyyy expensive Stella & Dot Pegasus necklace (HERE) that I used to covet years ago, except for a fraction of the price.  It dresses up a casual plain tee, or it pairs well with a cocktail dress.  Love!
Several people have commented that it looks longer on me than it does on them.  I lengthen my necklace using…um, thread…because I’m lazy.  One of these days I’ll purchase necklace extenders like THESE since I tend to extend most of my necklaces.
Blush Necklace Outfits


My friend gave this to me years ago, and back then I was kind of perplexed on how to fit it into my style.  But years later, nowadays it fits right in!  It’s unavailable since it’s several years old, but I found a few similar blush necklaces: Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3

Turquoise Statement Necklace Outfits
Turquoise Statement Necklace:  SHOP SIMILAR NECKLACE  |  OUTFITS
I’ve had this necklace for 5-6 years, and unfortunately it’s not available and has never come back in stock.  :*(  It’s been one of my most worn necklaces in the summer for as long as I’ve had it, which says a lot because remember, I’ve had it for 5-6 years!  I’ve searched and searched for similar ones over the years, and here are a few current similar options:  Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3  |  Option 4.  Also, random: I think THIS is my exact teal necklace but in pink.

Gold Pendant Necklace Outfits
Gold Pendant Necklace:  SHOP NECKLACE  |  OUTFITS
This is a favorite year round!  It’s such a simple, clean look, that throwing it onto anything will anchor and pull together the outfit.  I can throw it onto anything almost thoughtlessly and trust it’ll work.
I’ve had mine for over a year.  I’m not sure about the current ones, but when I got mine, the chain was pretty fragile.  I swapped it out for a chain from another necklace I had that I never wore.  Other than that, this necklace has been in constant use ever since I got it!
How to Style Tan Cutout Earrings from Nickel & Suede

Tan Leather Earrings:  SHOP EARRINGS

I’ve been on an earring kick again for the last couple months!  This is one of my go-to pairs.  The beauty of these leather earrings is that they are huge and make a statement, but they are incredibly lightweight.  They come in all sorts of colors!  They come in 3 sizes, and I’m wearing Medium in the pics above.
Outfits With White Nickel & Suede Earrings

White Leather Earrings:  SHOP EARRINGS

This is the non-cutout, solid version of the leather earrings above.  These also come in an array of colors, but they also come in various patterns and textures!  These earrings are so comfortable to wear.  They come in 3 sizes, and I’m wearing Medium in the pics above.  Kilee (the owner of the shop) let me borrow a pair of her Large earrings when we roomed together for the rewardStyle Conference, and honestly they did not feel one bit too big.  I could go for larges!
Emma Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses:  SHOP SUNGLASSES  |  OUTFIT

Sunglasses are so personal and dependent on face shape, but I’ll just throw these out there–they’re only $12 right now!  I’ve had these for two whole years and have never had to replace them.  I actually have a pretty hard time finding sunglasses I like, but I like how big these are, and I’m sticking with them!  They come in 7 colors!  One thing I love is that you can see the dimensions on the product page to compare to how other sunglasses fit on you: 6″ long and 2.5″ tall.
Outfits With the Nordstrom Reversible Tote

Tan Reversible Tote:  SHOP BAG  |  OUTFITS

ALWAYS a favorite and a go-to in every single season.  I talk about this thing in every gift guide, and it’s especially nice in the summer when we’re out and about, enjoying the outdoors and on the go and need to carry a bunch of stuff!
outfits with blush tassel crossbody bag

Blush Tassel Crossbody Bag:  SHOP BAG  |  OUTFITS

I mentioned this as one of my favorite bags for spring, and it’s going to remain a favorite through the summer.  If you’re not sure about blush, it also comes in off-white HERE!  (Blush available HERE.)
Outfits With Tan Laser Cutout Bag

Tan Cutout Crossbody Bag:  SHOP BAG  |  OUTFITS

I’ve had this one for about two years as well, it wasn’t available last year, but has been brought back this year.  I get so many compliments on it!  It makes my outfits feel a little boho and really summery.  As summer truly kicks in, this becomes my primary bag aside from my tote.  

There they are!  These are the core accessories I’ve been using over and over and over again.  If you’re looking to add any to your collection this summer, check out some of these!

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