Naturalizer Dahnny 3 Ways + VOTE to Win $100 to Naturalizer x5! (Spring Style Contest)

YOU GUYS.  I’m so excited for today!  Not only do we have a “3 Ways to Wear” post, but there’s a humungo giveaway for you!  Uh huh, that’s right.

As I’ve been getting older I’ve been trying to take better care of my body, and that has included slowly working into my wardrobe shoes that are more supportive.  But, supportive doesn’t have to mean ugly, right?  They still need to be cute, stylish, and versatile for my wardrobe!  Why settle for anything less?

That’s why today I’m excited to partner with Naturalizer by participating in their Style Stories contest to show you 3 ways to wear one of their newest spring styles AND offer you a chance to be one of five winners for a $100 Naturalizer gift card!  Yep, FIVE winners.  Plus, if my looks get the most votesPMT readers will get an additional giveaway where one of YOU will win any shoe of your choice from the spring line!  So really, 6 winners.  C’mon now!

I had a pair of Naturalizer shoes for years and loved them.  My sister told me in high school that Naturalizer aimed for comfortable shoes that also looked good.  Let me tell ya, she was right.  I wore that pair to weddings and dances, and once as a bridesmaid, and I smirked when the other bridesmaids complained that their feet hurt and mine didn’t.  Muahaha!  They were my favorite for years…until my friend borrowed them and ruined them!

The good news is now I’ve got a new pair of Naturalizer shoes that are way more versatile than the pair I previously owned.  For the Style Stories contest I chose Naturalizer’s Dahnny because they’re neutral, polished, but a little bold all at the same time.  The thick, two-toned straps help the shoe have presence while still being neutral.  And the stacked heel provides more support and comfortability to walk in.  (Read more about the Dahnny HERE.)

For the Style Stories contest we needed to style the shoes for 3 looks: a) weekend getaway, b) work, and c) date night.  It was easy to do that with this versatile shoe!

Here are my looks!

1.  Weekend Getaway
I like feeling light and carefree on vacation, and wearing light colors helps me feel that way!  I paired the Dahnny with white jeans and stripes for an easygoing look fit for strolling around shops and markets.

2.  Work
While open toed shoes may not be appropriate for all work environments, you can definitely incorporate them into in a business casual or casual work look.  I went with classic office staples like a pencil skirt and oxford shirt, but chose them in fun colors to keep things fresh.  I wanted to add pattern, so I chose a scarf in the same color family for a springy streamline look to kick up the Naturalizer Dahnny.

3.  Date Night
Am I weird that I’d rather wear a dress during the day and jeans for a night out?  For the top half of this outfit I echoed the tan and cream from the Dahnny.  To give the all-neutral outfit more interest I mixed textures like leather and lace–yall know I love that combo!

I really love this shoe.  I loved it so much that I used it in the 9 Pieces, 11 Outfits spring packing list where you can see 4 more looks with it.

VOTE & See More Looks!
Head over to Naturalizer’s Style Stories page to see more shoes from Naturalizer’s spring line styled by the other bloggers, and head to the Facebook page to VOTE!  Or see more about the shoes I’m wearing HERE.
Much appreciation for anyone who casts a vote!  Remember, if my looks get the most votes, I get to host an additional giveaway here, and one of you can win a pair of Naturalizer shoes of your choice!  
This post was created in partnership with Naturalizer.  For more on PMT’s sponsorship policies, see disclosure.  

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