Old Navy Swing Dresses and Cargo Jackets + Dolce Vita Bootie REVIEWS

For reference, I’m 5’6″, usually 6 or S/M on top with a short torso, and 6/8 on bottom.

Long Sleeve Swing Dress
A bit ago I reviewed THIS purple swing dress (review HERE) saying that my normal sizes S/M both fit awkwardly, but I LOVED the dress once I sized up to L.  These long sleeved versions are available this season (HERE), so I tried them in different sizes and L won again.  Here’s the M to L comparison:

The Medium wasn’t as awkward of a fit as the short sleeved version, but it is noticeably shorter.  I much prefer the proportions with the length of the Large.  Also, I just like slightly looser fitting clothes these days, so there’s that.  🙂

I just can’t choose between colors!  I tried maroon, teal, and grey.  The maroon is way more muted than I thought it’d be, though it’s not bad.  Just different than what I expected.  I love both the teal and grey.  I got these on sale, but I’m still trying to figure out if I’d use both differently or would always reach for one over the other.  Decisions!

The material feels *slightly* thinner than the short sleeved version.  Or maybe it’s just my imagination!  Also, the grey was slightly shorter in the same size, though not as short as the next size down.  Not sure if it was just the one I received or if that’s true of all the grey ones.

Cargo Jacket
I have a cargo jacket I love, but since I’m constantly asked about cargo jackets I ordered these simply to try.  I tried both S and M, and both fit pretty well.  The Small fit snugly, but not tight, if that makes sense.  Like, it fit perfectly.  However, I wouldn’t be able to layer a long sleeve under it.  I’m wearing small above.

This is the Medium, which I prefer.  It also seems fitted, but there is more room in the sleeves and in the shoulders.  It’s also slightly longer.

The hem is kind of curved, so it’s shorter in the back than in the front, which you can see in the pictures.  I don’t like or dislike that but thought it was worth noting.  I feel like it helps flatter my wider hips by giving shape to that area so the jacket naturally flares out.  I like the gold hardware, and the drawstrings at both the waist and around the bottom hem allow you to give the jacket shape that specifically fits your curves.  That’s a nice feature.

The bust seems to be pretty roomy but still seems to fit fine on someone like me with a smaller chest.  However, while I have a smaller chest I have wider shoulders, I don’t know how the roomy top would be for someone with a smaller chest and narrower shoulders.

It feels pretty thin, but the cargo jacket I own (seen HERE) seems just as thin.  It holds some structure but isn’t stiff, which is nice.

I liked it, and if I were looking for a cargo jacket this would be a good option.  However, I’d definitely get it on sale, but also ASAP if you want one.  These things sell out QUICKLY.  I said this back on August 26th when it was fully stocked, about one week ago, and XS and S are sold out now.  DO NOT HESITATE.  Just order and decide at home and return for FREE by mail.  (Yay Old Navy for free returns now!)

A reader said they tried this one and the linen one (HERE) and went with the linen one as it was even softer, which I assume molds better to your body.  I haven’t tried the linen one though, so I have no idea how it feels.

I’ve been looking for tapered sweatpants.  When I go to retreats and campgrounds I get paranoid about my sweatpants dragging on the ground in public bathrooms at night.  BLECH.  But I’m not stick thin, especially not my bottom half, and tapered sweatpants usually look strange on me.  I was pleasantly surprised with these, and I like them even better in person!
They are tapered but still pretty loose.  The waistband lays flat against you so it doesn’t create weird bunching or bulk.  However, one thing to note is that they are on the thinner side.  
Wearing these in Medium.

A couple of weeks ago I asked yall about Sam Edelman and Dolce Vita ankle boots (HERE).  First of all, THANK YOU!  That was so freaking helpful!  It sounded like Sam Edelman had mixed reviews depending on whether you had narrow feet and also depending on the shoe.  Like, some reported flats being comfortable but falling apart pretty quickly.  Dolce Vita sounded more consistent, so I tried those first.
Um, LOVE.  Particularly the fit.  I WISH I took pics with bare legs because that’s where the real difference is for me.  Usually ankle boots aren’t narrow enough at my ankles, so this style tends to looks loose in an awkward way.  This is the first pair of boots that perfectly fit my ankles.  I also like that they hit a little lower than the Sam Edelman Petty boots (since those have a slightly raised portion, see HERE).  That means I don’t have to roll up my jeans quite as far which helps my legs look a little less stumpy.  Haha.
Comfort wise–they are not “ohmigosh soooo comfy” but they aren’t uncomfortable either.  They feel sturdy but not stiff at all.  I keep trying to bend the toe to see if they will crease like a cheaper pair I own has done.  I think only time will tell for these, but so far so good!
My main concern is the color.  They are much lighter than these pics.  Almost like a sand rather than taupe.  I’ve gotta try them on with some outfits to see how they work since I was expecting and hoping for them to be a little darker.  
(I used Shopbop credit for these, and shipping was really fast!)
Wearing these in 9, perfect fit.  Normally size 8.5 – 9.  
As you can see in some of the pics above, I used more Shopbop credit to splurge on an iPhone case!  It’s from Rifle Paper Co and so pretty!  I was debating between this one and one with a more graphic print kinda feel with stripes (HERE).  Rifle Paper Co has a few other pretty cool prints (HERE).  I was also eyeing Kate Spade cases (see HERE) except while I absolutely love some of those designs I prefer to have rubber or silicone sides on my cases.  

That’s all for now!  Have a great weekend!

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