Olive and Mustard Mixed With Neutrals

Outfit ruts.  I know I’m not the only one who gets into those.  Work has been fuller this week, and I’ve pretty much been wearing the same couple of outfits over and over.  (Namely this one and this one.)  Not that I think there’s anything wrong with repeating outfits, but after a while it gets old.

When I’ve gotten into outfit ruts in the past I’ve usually shopped my own closet, gone to my Pinterest boards to find outfits to copy, or looked at my Go Chic or Go Home archives.  This time I borrowed a look from the 12 Pieces, 14 Outfits post and changed the shoes.  There were quite a few outfits on there that I didn’t wear, and it’s extremely helpful to have during those times when you’re tired of repeating outfits but too busy to spend time shopping your closet or surfing Pinterest.  (Plus, I get sucked into the blackhole of Pinterest once I start which is not helpful for saving time!)

What do you guys do when you’re in an outfit rut?

Anyway, I really love olive and mustard together, especially mixed with other neutrals.  And while I hesitated to keep this top because it was the most expensive on my initial “operation find nursing friendly tops” haul a while back ($30 while the rest were $10-15), it has proven to be the best keep of them all!
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five

Shop for the Look:
Top: H&M (exact, similar)
Jeans: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Scarf: c/o Conversation Pieces (exact–free shipping code: PMTFreeShip)
Boots: c/o White Plum (exactsimilar, similar)
Bag: c/o Lily Jade (exact)

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