Parkaraks and Barns

Meet my new favorite jacket!  I’ve been looking for an anorak type of jacket for nearly a year, but I had given up once I realized that they all cost more than I wanted to pay and/or weren’t lined very well.  Then, one fateful day I was at Target and saw this jacket.  I don’t think this is considered an anorak because, well, I don’t really know what an anorak is, plus Target calls it a parka.  Anorak, parka…whatever it is, it fits the feel that I was going for and it’s lined without making you look puffier.  It worked so well on a recent camping retreat, but was also so cute with the girly yellow dress outfit that I showed last week.  I even wore it with Friday’s outfit paired with leopard pumps.  Even though you’d think this parkarak thingy is only for rugged, camping types of outfits, I’m finding that it kinda goes with everything! 
On another note, let’s not talk about how my friend told me that my outfit looked like a barn.  Even if you agree, for my own ego, let’s pretend you don’t.  That is not the kind of “compliment” people around here like to receive.  Sad times.
Top  //  Old Navy (similar: one, two, three)
Jacket  //  Target (shop, similar, similar)
Jeans  //  Buffalo Exchange (one, two)
Scarf  //  Gap (one, two)
Boots  //  Dolce Vita via Macy’s (see here)

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