Polka Dot Blouse, How I Love Thee

I wore this to meet with some women professionals last week.  This polka dot button up blouse is quickly become one of my favorite and most used pieces.  It’s so easy to wear it casually or dress it up!  I also like that the dots on the one I’m wearing aren’t perfect little polka dots.  This shirt has similar dots and describes them as “scratched” dots.  Regardless of whether they’re scratched or normal I also love how the dotted pattern gives it some interest to set it apart from a plain white button-up but that it’s still subtle.  Love love love!  I’m not gonna tell you that everyone needs one of these babies, but I will say that I recommend them for their versatility!
In my search for similar shirts I found soooo many options, so I made a collage of them below.  With the exception of the first option below, all of them are under $25, and actually four of them are under $20!  (Thank you, Forever 21!)  As usual, shopping links are below the collage.  
I also showed some non button-up options that I still think could be dressed up or down and worn with pants and be tucked into skirts because I know some of you don’t like button-ups.  I really like number five!  I’m tempting myself here.  Ahhhhh!
Would you wear any of these?
Links to Shop:
Top Row:  one  |  two  |  three
Bottom Row:  four  |  five  |  six

Shop for the Look:
Top: H&M (similar, similar)
Blazer: H&M (similar, similar, similar)
Jeggings: New York & Company (similar)
Shoes: H&M (similar)
Bracelet: similar
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