Ratted Out

Tee: Target  |  Jeans: Forever 21  |  Jacket: Old Navy   |  Wedges: Target
Scarf: Old Navy (shop)   |  Glasses: GlassesUSA.com

See this outfit?  We have a special bond.  We’ve been to war together.  You see, I’ve worn this outfit for 3 days straight because instead of focusing on getting dressed, I’ve been at war with a sneaky little rat intruder.  Ugh.

The rat’s been in our house for 4 days and we can’t get rid of him, so a call to the exterminator is long overdue.  Some disgusting highlights of our rat adventures are: him eating 1/3 of a huge tomato on our counter. (How’d he get up there? he’s so nasty…), sneakily getting bait off the trap without setting it off–while we were in the same room as him, and a sleepless night when we discovered he was in our bedroom cuz I woke up to him running across me (eeeek).  Disgusting.

On a happy note, I like this mint tee from Target.  And this Old Navy scarf!  But since I wore this for 3 days straight, outfit posts might be slim this week.  Another reason this rat’s gotta go.
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