Recap: Olive Cardigan

Olive Cardigan options: same in other colorssimilar, similar
I bought this cardi over a year and a half ago, prior to starting this blog, and I wore it often.  I can’t remember what I wore it with, but it was loved.  For a long stint after I started this blog for some reason I didn’t know how to wear this thing anymore or how to work it into my newly evolving wardrobe.  I almost got rid of it because I wore it so little.
I’m glad to say eventually my style came back around to where I was able to incorporate more of my old pieces into my new style.  I’m glad I kept this cardigan because especially in the last month or so I’ve been loving it again like it’s new.
Olive is a pseudo-neutral, so it’s a nice alternative to black, brown, or grey.  If you haven’t yet, I suggest you try it!  Also fun tip: it pairs amazingly with dark purple.
It’s hard for me to pick a favorite here too, but I think it’d be number 2.  I just love this cardigan with that dress and the tights and boots!  

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