Reflecting on 2022 & Wishing You a Happy New Year

With 2022 coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the year. A couple of days ago I shared PMT’s Top 20 Best Sellers and Most Popular Blog Posts, and today I’m sharing some personal reflections about our life behind the scenes and about how my own style. 

Now, I had grand plans to share my personal favorite purchases of 2022, talk about how my style has changed, and do a deeper dive into the year behind the scenes. But this week, our friends ended up making an impromptu trip to stay with us, so I couldn’t spend as much time on this post as I wanted to.

However, I love the rhythm of closing out the year, so I at least wanted to share a little summary of how our year was.

First Full Year in New Home
We moved to a new area near the end of 2021, so 2022 was our first full year here. A pretty accurate summary of our year is simply that most of our time and focus was spent getting our family situated, settling our kids into their schools and activities, and investing in relationships here. I was so focused on the day-to-day happenings of our kids and our family live. And I’m grateful to be able to say that we are all doing well!

Grateful for Friends
By moving up here we now live closer to a lot of our good friends and people who we just have long (good) histories with. It’s nice to be in a new area but still feel “known.” We’ve also made some new friends since we’ve been here. And, I’m grateful for all of it. Otherwise, we would definitely feel lonely and the transition would be much harder.

Our Kids 
On that note our kids are growing like weeds. Addie (8y) is a voracious reader, plays video games with friends, and became really involved in taekwondo. Ella (4.5y) is a crafting-machine (and our dining table is always exploding with art). I can’t believe she’ll be starting kindergarten next year! And Aiden (2.5y) is a ball of energy who is attentive and sweet and feisty and aggressive all in one. He’s the kind of kid that will snuggle you, help you clean something, make you laugh, and then head-butt you all in the same sitting.

I’m honestly very glad to say that our year was not that eventful. After wading through pandemic life in 2020 and moving in 2021, a comparatively boring year in 2022 was very welcomed!

I hope that you and yours are all doing well and have a happy New Year! Cheers, friends!

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