REVIEWS: Jersey Cardigans, Lush Tops, and Maternity Tops

Today I’ve got a handful of non-maternity and maternity clothes to review, including the updated version of the Lush tunic and a shorter alternative to it.  Plus some maternity striped tees that I’m verryyyyy happy to have found.  Here we go!



Pink Jersey Cardigan Review

Pink Striped Jersey Cardigan – size S
This jersey cardigan is on the pricier side, but it’s a jersey material that’s really soft and comfy.  I initially tried it since that light pink Gibson fleece cardigan that I’ve posted in the past keeps going in and out of stock. (The Gibson cardigan is currently in stock in a few sizes HERE btw!)

The cardigan above is similarly soft to the Gibson one, though slightly heavier as it is jersey.  It’s shorter than the Gibson one, which could be a plus side for many people as the Gibson one is long and could drown you.  It’s also a different shade of pink (that I did not love on myself) if the Gibson cardi is too pale for you.

This comes in 7 solid colors and 2 prints HERE.


Bobeau Striped Jersey Cardigan Review

Striped Jersey Cardigan – size XS
This is the same cardigan as above, but in size XS.  I couldn’t tell a huge difference between the two sizes, except in XS the sleeves were a bit tighter.  I was wearing a long sleeve top underneath both sizes and the tighter sleeves were still fine since the cardigan is so stretchy.  However, if you planned to wear it over a thicker long sleeve top, like a flannel top in the fall, tighter sleeves may be uncomfortable.

Overall I liked this cardigan, but I didn’t LOVE it, especially not enough to justify the price.  For some reason I can’t stand things that feel heavy around my neck, and while this jersey knit is lightweight, it’s still heavier than I prefer around the neck.  That is VERY particular to my pet peeves or quirks, and I’m in the minority here because this thing has 319 reviews and 4.7 stars!!


Nordstrom Updated Version Lush Tunic Review

White Lush Roll Tab (old version vs. updated version) – size M
This is one of my favorite tops, and I showed it worn 10 ways HERE.  However, in the last year and a half, many of you have told me that Nordstrom may have changed this tunic, so I wanted to try it.  The two major differences people have said are 1) the material feels different than before and 2) the new one is very see-through whereas the older one was slightly see through but could get away without a camisole if you felt comfortable enough to (or weren’t worried about flashing people when you bent over).

I finally ordered the new one to try it!  Fair warning and spoiler alert so that you’re not disappointed at the end: I have no solid conclusions, only data to show you.

Above on the left is my old oneOn the right is the new version straight out of the box.  It looks terrible with wrinkles, but it helps you immediately know which is old and which is new as we talk here.

Material.  The material DOES feel a LITTLE different–in white.  The new one feels a tad thinner and maybe a little less smooth.  HOWEVER, I also ordered the current pink one, and I can’t tell any difference between that one and my old white one or another older one I own in a different color.  So perhaps the white one has indeed been slightly modified?

See-through-ness.  The strange part that I don’t know how to answer is, “Is this more see-through than the previous one?”  When they’re laying on my bed side by side or when I put my hand underneath, upon first impression the new one definitely seems more see-through.  But then, look at comparison pics on my body:

The first picture above the old version and the new version side-by-side with a black camisole underneath.  With both you can see the outline of the black camisole the same.

Nordstrom White Lush Tunic Review of Old and New Versions

And the picture above is the old and new side-by-side with no camisole underneath and a nude bra.  I thought for sure that since the newer one felt a bit thinner that there would be a noticeable difference and you’d be able to see right through it.  But…is it just me or do the two versions look more or less the same here?  It’s also interesting to note that the black camisole underneath is more noticeable than without a camisole + nude bra.  It seems like the see-through-ness is worse with a camisole than without it.  However, given how low-cut this is and how my bust does not fill it out, I typically wear camisoles underneath just for coverage.  (I wear nude camisoles with these, not black or white.)

Anyway, again, I have no conclusions.  Just presenting the data to you for you to interpret or try for yourself!

(Btw, this says to dry clean, but I never do that.  We either hand wash or even machine wash and air dry.  Other women have told me they do the same, have had these for years, and they look new.  Do that at your own risk of course, though!  And if something happens, remember Nordstrom has an incredible return policy and will take back your top if it got ruined, even without tags, even if it’s been washed, and even if it’s been a loooong time since you purchased it.)  


Nordstrom Lush Henley Review

Lush Henley – size M
If you’re looking for a shorter version of the Lush Tunics above, try these!  But, take note of a couple things first.  They may appear like the exact shorter version of the tunics above, but they’re not.

First, these are a different material–suuuper soft.  They’re 66% modal and 34% polyester while the longer ones are 100% polyester.  They feel great against your skin, but what I would beware of is how they wash.  Like the Lush Tunics above, these Lush Henleys are “dry clean,” however I don’t have experience with washing these yet.  Nor can I speak to shrinking, which these might do given this material.  (Remember you can almost always return things at Nordstrom if they’ve shrunk in the wash, even if you don’t have tags and it’s been a while since you purchased.  Their customer service is amazing.)  

The second difference is these have a slight pleat on the front.  See how the material is folded and overlaps at the bust, then comes down?  The longer tunics don’t do that.  This detail *could* affect how it lays on on your stomach, so pay attention to that if you try these on.

This Henley is so soft and drapes nicely, so it’s definitely worth trying!  It comes in 8 colors HERE.


Target Universal Thread Perforated Booties Review

Perforated Peep Toe Booties – size 9
I saw these on Target’s site and had to try them.  I typically don’t expect Target shoes to be very comfortable, so I was pleasantly surprised by these!  The upper is soft, and though the heel looks really high, it’s not that bad to walk in.  That said, I have not walked extensively in these yet.  I mean, I don’t know that I would ever walk extensively in any heel this height to begin with, but just wanted to note that anyway.  I wore them last week to an event where I had to walk several blocks to and from my car, and then for the most part I was sitting at the event.  Walking several blocks didn’t hurt my feet at all though.  These are worth checking out, and being from Target they’re a decent price point!  See them in brown and black HERE!  I will also put insoles in them, as I do with almost all my heels, to provide more cushion.



I’m currently over 36 weeks pregnant, and while I thought last month we were clearly heading into 70-80 degree weather, I was very wrong.  We’ve been getting a mix of cold/gloomy/rainy days with and sunny 75 degree days, so I’ve had to fill out some of my wardrobe accordingly.


H&M Maternity Striped Long Sleeve Tee Review

Long Sleeve Striped Maternity Tee – size M
YESSSSSSSS, finally found a maternity striped tee that I love, and it’s super affordable.  Of course it’s from the store where I usually find my favorite non-maternity striped tees.  😀  This is really stretchy yet it’s thick, so it feels supportive and is not see-through.  Winner all around!  Wearing size M.  Find it HERE.


H&M Maternity Striped Short Sleeve Tee

Short Sleeve Striped Maternity Tee – size M
And a short sleeved one.  Because…obviously.  🙂  This is also really affordable, stretchy, yet thick, so it’s supportive and not see-through.  I had a striped tee from my first pregnancy, but my friend borrowed it and ruined it, so I’m really glad to have a replacement for this closet staple.  It’s better than my previous one anyway!

Wearing size M.  Find it HERE.


H&M Maternity Sweater Review

Blue Maternity Sweater – size M
I bought this lighter weight sweater for some of the dreary days that we’ll probably get throughout the rest of this pregnancy.  It’s pretty soft and for the most part it’s not see-through with a nude bra.  Only slightly around my belly when it’s super stretched out, but I still don’t think it’d require a camisole.


Overall faves are the Lush Henley, Perforated Booties, and both maternity striped tees!


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