REVIEWS: Levi’s Denim + ModCloth Springy Blazers and Tops

In a recent Instagram collaboration with ModCloth I was given a gift card to choose products to showcase.  I bought much more than I showcased, and today I’m reviewing them all.  (This post is not part of the collaboration.)

I also mentioned in my last set of reviews that I was waiting on a final decision on the black Paige skinnies to compare them to Levi’s.  The Levi’s arrived, so they’re included here too!

For reference, I’m 5’6″, normally size S/M in tops with a short torso, 6/8 on bottom, and 8.5-9 in shoes.

Levi’s Denim #1 – Super Skinny – size 30
First up is the Super Skinny, and I’m not a fan.  The material is a little scratchy.  But if that wasn’t bad enough, the ankle is super skinny and it’s tight through the hips and thighs.  There’s not a whole lot of stretch to the scratchy material, so overall they’re not great.  They’re also too long on me, and the back pockets were wide set, making my rear look wider.

BUT, if the scratchy-ish material gets softer with washing (I don’t know that they do, but just saying maybe?), these would be great for people with less curves and more slender hips and thighs.  Decent price point!  These are in the color “Secluded Echo,” but there are 13 washes available.

Cute toddler sold separately.  

Levi’s Denim #2 – Shaping Skinny – size 29
This pair was MUCH better!  The material was a little softer and stretchier, though still not nearly as soft as the Paige denim.  The fit is pretty good through the legs, hip, and thighs.  The waist is slightly higher than the Super Skinny, which for me meant it was unfortunately digging right into my belly button.  The overall length is also shorter than the pair above.  I did not roll up the jeans at all here.  The major con for me is that the ankles are not as fitted in the Paige pair, which you can see on me HERE.  If you are looking for a fitted, but not super duper fitted, inexpensive pair of jeans (in any color), these are worth trying.  However, these are $10 more than the pair above (but the material feels better) and only comes in 4 washes.

All in all, because of how stretchy the Paige denim is, and how fitted the ankles are, those are the ones I’ll be keeping!

Look at that little kid in the background just lounging!

ModCloth Floral Top – size M
Isn’t this coral top and all its ruffles adorable?  The back has a cute vent detail, which you can see on the product page.

It’s a *tad* on the short side, and I have a shorter torso, so this wouldn’t be great for ladies with long torsos.  Even though the Medium fits fine, I’m going to exchange it to try a Large.  It’s 100% polyester with absolutely no stretch, so some more room in the shoulders would be nice.

Overall, I think it is adorable and screams spring!  It’d be cute with white jeans and sandals with a denim jacket or a navy blazer with nude pumps.  It’d also be cute with flared or trouser denim.  See HERE for how I styled it on IG so far.  (When I posted that I thought I was going to wear it the next day, but we changed plans so I haven’t actually worn that outfit yet.  At least now I can exchange it for Large.)

ModCloth Floral Blazer – size M
Another absolutely adorable piece!  I’ve eyed a floral blazer for a while but never felt it was a need in my closet.  Since I had credit to ModCloth I figured why not at least try it?

I’m wearing Medium, and it fits perfectly everywhere except for the bust.  It looks a little baggy on me and I think it would be much better for someone with more curves than me on top.  I think sizing down to Small would have been too tight on my arms and shoulders.  This blazer has shoulder pads and a thin lining throughout.  It also has straight pockets, a cute ruching detail on the arms, and hits me perfectly at mid-hip.

I really, really, really want to keep this blazer, but the reality is that trying it only confirmed that I don’t need it.  🙁 🙁 🙁  It’s also on the expensive side, and though I got it with store credit, it’s so out of my normal price comfort level that I’d rather put the money towards something else that I’d probably wear way more.  I could see it paired with a white tee, like one of my styling ideas HERE.  I could also see someone else wearing it with a striped tee or over a solid jersey dress, but I don’t think those ideas personally fit my style.  Such a shame!

ModCloth Teal “Blazer” – size M
This shouldn’t be called a “blazer” because it’s more like a thin, silky feeling (though 100% polyester) drapey cardigan.  But cute nonetheless!

Like the floral blazer above, this has ruched 3/4 sleeves, a cute cascading front, and a slightly higher back.  Reviewers said it wrinkles very easily.  I steamed mine days prior to taking these pics, and it sat bunched up in a box.  I don’t know why I did that, but I pulled it out of the box and did not steam it again before taking these pics.  It came out with way less wrinkles than I expected, and my t-shirt is really the one that needs ironing here–not the blazer!

The blazer drapes really nicely and would be really cute over a printed cami for a spring or summer outfit.  For the quality, I don’t know if I’d keep this had I not had store credit.  I also imagine the black version (HERE) or the olive one HERE would be more versatile for me.  However, it’s not *that* much more expensive than I’d feel comfortable paying, so I’ll either keep it or exchange it for the black one.

ModCloth Coral Pants – size 29
I have a pair of coral maternity pants, but they have the maternity waistband plus they stretch out a LOT after one wear so I’ve always had my eye out for coral pants.  This pair from ModCloth is pretty soft and quite stretchy, though they’re a tiny bit too long on me, as you can see in the side view.  (I rolled them inward in the front view.)  I usually wear a Modern Skinny cut at LOFT, which I think is in between a straighter figure and curvy figure.  For these pants, I have a good amount of room and give on the waistband still, which I think would work well for women who are a little curvier than I am.

I took these pics when I first put them on, but I’ve been wearing them for the last 30 min to see if they stretch.  So far, only a little stretching while still maintaining its shape–except for the rear/waist, which is my usual problem with pants.  I’ll need to alter the seat because it’s too large and is starting to need constant adjustment.  (Pretty common for any colored pants I own, as said HERE.)  Aside from that, the tiny bit of stretch is actually the good kind, where it’s conforming to your body.  After 30 min of wear they look way more flattering than they do in these pics!

See my coral pants outfits HERE.

ModCloth Polka Dot Top – size M
Doesn’t ModCloth have SUCH CUTE tops?!  I’m definitely keeping this one, and wore it already as seen on Instagram HERE.  This top has absolutely no stretch, and the bottom fits over my big hips *just* enough to not need a larger size.  It’s got a cute gold button detail at the shoulders, which Addie relentlessly picks at.  In addition to the white dots, there are tiny red ones covering the entire shirt.

Besides the Instagram outfit I mentioned above, I also wore this on a rainy day with a maroon sweater cardigan, dark wash skinny jeans, and riding boots.  Easy top to dress up or down, wear to work or wear casually!  It’s currently 30% off!

Overall, ModCloth sizing tends to be small for me, and I generally prefer M or even L there.  But goodness!  They have such cute and unique pieces!  Often times the pieces are *just* out of my price comfort level, but I’ve seen many of my favorite pieces go on sale and therefore at comparable prices to Target and Old Navy.

Next week I’ll have a few Old Navy and Nordstrom pieces to review because I’m gearing up for spring and summer trips!

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