Shopping Help: 20% off Anthropologie’s SALE Section!

Just a couple of days ago my friend and I were talking about how much we like Anthropologie’s sale section.  Do you all shop there?

Anthro was always one of those stores I avoided because it felt intimidating, either in style or in price.  A few years ago I finally ventured into one and actually looked through stuff, not just looked at stuff from a distance.  It turns out the sale section at Anthropologie is pretty dang affordable!

My friend and I talked about how the stuff in the sale section is affordable, still totally cute, and usually has ample stock.

WELL, it also turns out that for this July 4th weekend Anthropologie is having a sale on their sale section!  20% off all sale items through 7/6 with code BUZZ20!  Score score score.

What I love about Anthro’s pieces is that they have some cute or unique detailing to them, whether it’s a cute lattice effect, embroidery, a split back, ruffles and pleats, or whatever.  I chose some items from the sale section that are in our typical price range (between $20 to $40 after sale).  Well-made, unique and detailed pieces for what I’d normally pay for a garment?  Come to mama!

Links to Shop:

ALL of these come in multiple colors except for the two necklaces.  Click in to see more options!  

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