Top: H&M (similar, similar)  |  Cardigan: H&M  |  Jeans: Kohl’s (similar, similar)  |  Pumps: Target (similar)

Sloooooooow week.  Okay, actually it’s been a normal week, but it just feels really long.  I don’t think my brain has been working and it’s been taking me twice as long as usual to finish things.  And last night I fell into a little stupor as I was boiling a pot of water, and I was |—| this close to giving into a strange urge to touch the pot just to see what it’d feel like.  Glad I snapped out of that one.

The only reason I’m not considering it a miracle that I managed to get dressed this week is because I planned all my outfits for the week on Sunday.  Yes, I am a weirdo who checks the weather for the week and then plans my outfits for each day, but it makes mornings so much quicker!

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