How Do You Identify Timeless Pieces? + 15% Discount Code

How do you identify timeless clothes?  That has been an age old question for me.  Whenever I bought specific pieces deemed “timeless” by a list in a magazine they usually didn’t last in my closet.  I actually didn’t like them, they didn’t fit my style, or I never needed to wear them with my lifestyle.  BUT, I think I’ve finally cracked that question thanks to this outfit and thanks to a lot of pondering about my favorite Daniel Wellington watches.  Haha!  
My Daniel Wellington watch (THIS ONE shown in 12 outfits HEREis my favorite watch to wear.  I was of course very excited to recently be given a second one with an even more classic face (HERE), which I’m wearing above.  These watches garner SO many compliments from both men and women.  The sleek, lightweight, and low profile design makes them super comfortable to wear, never feeling bulky or in the way.  I never hesitate to wear them.  They’re totally versatile, working for dressier and casual occasions.  Plus, they come with interchangeable bands.  How cool is that?!  You can get a different color to match your outfits without buying a whole other watch!  The other band I got for this watch is a cool, sportier pink, white, and blue NATO band HERE.  
As I pondered why I consider Daniel Wellington watches timeless, I realized a few characteristics that not only apply to the watches but to every article of clothing I consider timeless.  When I think of “timeless” I think of something that has and will stay in my closet for years.  However while most “timeless” lists are based only on style or quality, those are only small pieces of a larger pie for me.  I don’t plan to give you a list of specific pieces that I think are timeless, though this outfit is pretty much entirely made of some of mine if you’re interested in that.  Rather, my epiphany was this list of characteristics.  Hopefully they’re helpful for you!

Here goes:
  • Fit.  The piece fits really well.  If it doesn’t, no matter what the style, it won’t last in my closet.
  • Comfortable.  The piece is comfortable and I don’t think about it when I wear it.  That keeps it from getting cut in my closet clean-outs.  
  • Wearable.  Not only is it comfortable, it actually makes sense for my lifestyle, aka I’ll actually wear it often.
  • Versatile.  Works for a couple of different life activities, like not just a piece for working out or not just for being dressed up.  That way, if my lifestyle changes and strays from one kind of activity it likely still works for other activities in my life.  There are exceptions to this, like a LBD can be your go-to LBD for years, but generally this characteristic keeps things in my closet longer.
  • Classic design.  The color and features are simple and not based on a current trends.  What I said earlier was not supposed to communicate that I completely disregard design–classic design is definitely important for staying power.
  • Quality…or at least appearing like it’s good quality.  🙂  For me, quality isn’t important for the sake of it lasting.  I mean, that’s kind of important, but I have some really cheaply made things that have lasted years.  Rather, quality is important because for my stuff that looks cheap, I eventually outgrow them as I mature.  

YEP, all of this was derived from my DW watches!  When I think about any piece in my closet that’s lasted through years of regular closet clean-outs, they all agree with the list above.  Sooooo, I think it’s a winner, and now I know definitively what to look for when I’m trying to figure out if a piece will last in my closet or not!  What about you–how do you identify timeless pieces for yourself?  Does this list ring true for you?
Discount Code for Daniel Wellington: SPRINGAT
Lastly, you can use code SPRINGAT for 15% off your Daniel Wellington purchase until June 15th, 2016!  If you’re looking for a FANTASTIC watch that will go with almost any outfit, make you look modern, yet will withstand years of ever-changing style trends, I highly, highly recommend one of these.  

Shop for the Look:
Top: J.Crew Factory (exact–normally S/M or 6/8, wearing 8)
Jacket: Old Navy (similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (almost exact, slightly different cut)
Shoes: H&M (similar)
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (exact)
Necklace: c/o Dear Mushka (exact)
Clutch: c/o Gray Monroe (exact–only 4 left!)

Special thanks to Daniel Wellington for collaborating on this post and for inspiring epiphanies that help us build better wardrobes.  😉
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