The Woes of Triple Belting

Top: Buffalo Exchange  |  Cardi: H&M  |  Jeans: NY&Co.  |  Belts: H&M  |  Sandals: Target
Day 7 of Kayla’s 21 Day Challenge was to layer accessories.  I’ve done this before with jewelry, so this time I wanted to try it with belts.  This was difficult for me for a couple of reasons:

#1 – It took a while to figure out which of belts could/should be layered.  I finally landed on using belts of similar width, and my best option was a pack of belts I bought H&M.  They also happened to go with the top I was wearing, which is the top I have to remix from Day 1.  Score!

#2 – Probably the more difficult thing was that wearing three belts meant I couldn’t breathe or eat.  At first I convinced myself that breathing was overrated, especially since I got complimented on my belts at church, but when the belts hindered my eating, they had to go.  It was fun to try, and I still might do it again, but nothing gets between me and lunch.

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