6 Outfits With a Black Quilted Vest + 6 Quilted Vest Options

6 Outfits With a Black Quilted Vest

I’m on a black vest kick, you guys!  I’ve had this black quilted vest for over two years, but this winter I’m all about it again.  It’s very easy to wear with leggings, so it ends up being perfect for athleisure looks.  It’s also very easy to pair with regular jeans or with black jeans.  It makes the perfect bookend with black jeans, making it easy to rotate in any top and still have a streamline look.  Here are some outfits with a black quilted vest that I’ve worn lately!

My vest is from J.Crew Factory HERE, but I’ll link to several other options below.  I like these quilted vests which are more streamline and less bulky.  They might feel too preppy for some depending on the color though.  I also like puffer vests like THESE from Old Navy which give a more casual vibe.  

I have the J.Crew Factory one in both size S and XS in different colors.  I’m wearing S in black, but after having that for a while I got another color in XS and kind of prefer that as it’s a little more fitted around my smaller chest.  If my chest were larger, I’d probably prefer S.  It’s only available in a few sizes now (though it’s a staple for them, so it constantly gets restocked).  Check it out HERE.

Onto the outfits!

Black Vest + Striped Top + Distressed Jeans + Black Sneakers + White Earrings

Distressed Jeans + Striped Tee or Sweater + Sneakers
First is a go-to weekend look.  If it’s colder where you live, use a sweater instead of a striped tee.  You can use a regular pair of dark wash denim, but distressed jeans give it a more casual vibe.  If you’d prefer to not have bare ankles, try this with Hunters or UGGs.

Shop the Look:
Vest (size S) | Similar Top | Similar Jeans | Sneakers (size 9) | Earrings (size M)


Black Vest + Red Gingham + Mustard Scarf + High boots + Statement earrings

Plaid Button Up + Jeans + Scarf + Boots
This plaid button up has black in it, which created easy cohesion with my black vest.  If I wear a red/blue plaid top, I generally opt for my navy blue vest.  Just a personal preference!  The mustard scarf makes the whole thing pop, but you can use cream or grey instead.  My scarf is very old, but there are two super similar ones that are very inexpensive HERE and HERE.

Shop the Look:
Vest (size S) | Similar Top | Jeans (size 4) | Boots (size 9.5) | Similar Scarf | Earrings (size M)


Black Vest + Camel Sweater + Striped tee + Black jeans + Boots

Striped Tee + Pullover Sweater + Black Jeans + Boots
I love this layered look!  If it’s too warm for all these layers, forgo either the striped tee or the pullover sweater.  But if you can do all these layers, go for it!  The peek of stripes gives the outfit way more dimension.

Shop the Look:
Vest (size S) | Similar SweaterSimilar Top | Jeans (size 6) | Similar BootsEarrings (size M)


Black Vest + Gray Sweater + Skinnies + Red Flats + Gray Bag

Top w/ Print + Jeans + Colorful Flats + Statement Necklace
This outfit is a little dressy with the necklace and pointy toe flats but a little casual with the vest.  It’s a somewhat indecisive ? but worked great for church!  😀

BTW lots of people love these Amazon flats!  They’re a decent price point at $26.99, which is comparable to flats from Old Navy and Target.  And while they don’t feel like high end shoes, they do feel better than Old Navy and Target flats.  Whereas Old Navy and Target flats tend to feel like stiff cardboard, these are a little more flexible.  They don’t offer cushion like expensive flats, but you can always put an insert in them.  They do run a tad wide, so if you have very narrow feet these might not be great for you.  Some colors offer free shipping and free returns, so you could always just order a color that offers free returns to figure out sizing, then order the color you actually want in the proper size.  I have them in yellow, red, and taupe now!  Love ’em!  I’m usually size 8.5 to 9 and get them in 9.  See them all HERE.

Shop the Look:
Vest (size S) | Top (size S) | Jeans (size 4) | Flats (size 9) | Similar Bag | Necklace


black jeans + striped tee + black vest + mustard yellow scarf

Striped Tee + Black Jeans + Boots + Colored Scarf
Stripes are really easy tops to pair with vests.  And again, go with a striped sweater if it’s colder.  Here is that streamline look that black jeans + a black vest creates.  Make it pop with a scarf of any color!  Maroon would be really cute, as would a deep green.  Neutrals like light to medium grey or cream would be great too.

Shop the Outfit:
Vest (size S) | Top (size S) | Jeans (size 6) | Similar Boots  | Tote | Similar Scarf


Black Vest + Striped Top + Leggings + Sneakers + Mustard Scarf + Tote

Leggings + Striped Tee or Sweater + Sneakers + Colored Scarf
This is the athleisure version of the look above!  Same top half but changed the bottom half to leggings and sneakers.  Another easy weekend look!

Shop for the Look:
Vest (size S) | Top (size S)  | Leggings (size M) | Sneakers (size 9) |  Similar Scarf | Tote


Black Quilted Vest Options

Black Quilted Vests

Shop the Items:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six

Are you sporting a black vest this winter?  If not, get on it!  😀




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