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Have you guys ordered clothing, shoes, or accessories on Amazon before?  Even though Benson and I order *everything else* on Amazon, I hadn’t purchased apparel until now!  I know it makes no sense.  Maybe it’s because until recently I familiar or comfortable enough with brands that weren’t Target, Old Navy, etc. (because I live under a rock), and Amazon doesn’t carry those brands.  😛

Well, over the last year I’ve been broadening my brand familiarity (slightly) and therefore placed a huge shoe order from Amazon (seen on Snapchat: audreyPMT).  I felt like that broke the ice for me with Amazon’s apparel and I’m sold!

(BTW, this post is NOT sponsored by Amazon.  Though, that would be awesome.  😉 )

Here’s why I’m sold:

  • Free shipping both ways, and FAST with Prime.
  • Amazon has pieces from past seasons.  Sometimes I’ll like items I see on others but I’m late to the party and the items aren’t sold in stores anymore.  It’s likely Amazon will have them, though!
  • Often cheaper than retail.  I paid under $35 for each of these shoes except for one, though the prices sometimes change for the same shoe depending on the size.  Kind of annoying, but amazing when it works in your favor.

Now, onto the shoes!  For reference I am normally size 8.5 to 9.  

I’ve been looking for a sandal with more prominent straps than my standard pairs.  Though it’s nearing the end of August, I live in San Diego where it’ll be hot for the next few months.

Seychelles Nude Gladiator Sandal – Made of leather but only $21!  Overall, pretty comfortable.  Definitely more comfortable than my typical Target sandals, which are a close $15-ish, since they aren’t made of plastic.  😀  These feel sturdy but not stiff.  I assume being leather they become even more pliable with more wear.

One thing I pay attention to with busier sandals is where they hit my ankles.  I have more curve to my calf and smaller ankles, and if sandals or ankle boots hit me at the wrong place it can make me look stumpy.  I really, really liked how these looked in that regard!

I would recommend these, but in the end I preferred tan over beige.

Wearing size 9.  Probably could have gone to 8.5.

Elastic Sandal
This thing is super cheap but overall quite comfortable.  Beside beige, it comes in navy, black, olive, and red.  Pretty cute colors!

The footbed is plastic, and it feels very synthetic which might not be great for sweaty feet.  However it might be great for an inexpensive, cute pair of sandals around the pool or lake.  The straps are elastic, which is comfortable and makes the shoe feel very secure.  Note: The strap around the toes, however, is not elastic.

Ordered these in 9 and they fit well.  I really do love all of the other colors this comes in.  I’m contemplating getting these in black instead since I have zero black sandals.

Rampage Tan Sandal // also HERE at
These were exactly what I was looking for, and at a very decent price.  The material is bendable and soft, with a rubber sole.  The top is lace up so you can make it wider or smaller depending on your foot width, and there’s a zipper back.  Also comes in black.

Wearing size 8, though I’m typically 8.5 to 9.  8.5 was too long.

(BTW, I was not trying to airbrush my legs in the picture, haha!  The pic was really dark and I needed to lighten it because you couldn’t see the sandals very well.)

Simple Strappy Heel Sandal
This style has been all over my Instagram feed, and I love how simple it is.  I’ve had a pair of strappy heeled sandals from Naturalizer since college that I’ve needed to replace for YEARS.  This style is a perfect replacement.

Madden Girl Sandal
However, these Madden Girl sandals, although they have 222 reviews with 4 stars were not for me.  Maybe my feet aren’t dainty enough for them because other people seem to love them, but I felt the patent was not comfortable on my toes.  It felt very plasticky on my feet.  The pros: the heel height is very easy to walk in.  Also comes in mint or black.

Wearing 8.5.

Glaze Willow Sandals
This pair felt soooooo much better, and they were cheaper.  Also comes in 10 colors!  The material is softer and shaped better around my toes.  I felt like this heel height was slightly too tall for me, given it’s also a very narrow heel.

I’m wearing 8.5 here, but they are a little long for me.  Size 8 was sold out until yesterday, so I ordered them and hope the better fit makes them feel more secure to walk in.  Otherwise, they’ll have to go back too.

CL by Chinese Laundry Sandal
This is a nice alternative to the ones shown above as the heel is thicker and shorter.  Much easier to walk in.  I picked up the tan and snakeskin version from Ross (HERE) and loved them.

Wearing size 8.5

White Wedges
I’ve been looking for comfortable white wedges since spring.  Key word: comfortable.  Target had a few that I almost compromised on, but I had to go back to the “if I don’t LOVE it” rule.  Target wedges were so thick and didn’t bend to my feet.

CL by Chinese Laundry Wedge
Though this ended up being more grey than white, it’s actually very comfortable.  It has a similar silhouette to a more expensive pair I’ll show below.  The main thing that didn’t work for me is it seems like it’s for really narrow feet, as the edge of the footbed curves up and my feet don’t fit within it.

It also comes in black and brown, which I think would look much better than the grey.

Wearing size 8.5.  Fits perfectly.

BC Footwear Wedge  // lots more sizes HERE at
This one, I LOVE.  It comes in 5 colors, including white, tan, coral, black, and black with a woven print.  All very cute!

I love the little details of the buckles and the subtle snakeskin texture.  I have worn them 4 times now.  Not THE most comfortable wedges I’ve had, but they worked pretty well and I was able to walk and stand in them for a while without pain.

Wearing size 9.  

Forum Questions:

I’m slowly trying to replace my shoe collection to shoes that are a little nicer to my feet.  When I was younger I could tolerate cheaper shoes, but as I get older my body feels the effects of bad shoes more and more.

I have some credit to Shopbop and have loved the design of Sam Edelman and Dolce Vita shoes.  Like, Sam Edelman booties, particularly the Petty Booties (HERE).  Or Sam Edelman ballet flats (see all HERE), particularly the Felicia in nude, red, or black or these reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cute scalloped flats.  REALLY CUTE.

I also really love Dolce Vita booties (HERE) and their sandals (HERE).

My Questions
I was wondering if any of you could speak to quality, comfort, and fit/sizing for either of these brands?  Or better yet, specifically for any of the shoes I mentioned above?  Or, do you have other recs for shoes of similar styles that you’ve found are even better?

Thanks in advance!  Looking forward to gaining from your wisdom.  🙂

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