Comfy At-Home Mini Wardrobe + 20 Outfits for Athleisure, Loungewear, and Working Out

20 Outfits for Being Comfy At Home

Huge thanks to Nordstrom and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post

How are you guys doing?  As we’re settling more and more into staying home (we’re over 5 weeks in here), comfy is reigning more than ever.  But, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa!  I find it super important to feel great about what I’m wearing, even if it’s just super comfy leggings, sweatshirts, and joggers.  It helps me feel more in command and deliberate about each day and makes the season a little less chaotic and more stable.  I’d encourage you to do the same!

Today I’m partnering with Nordstrom and ShopStyle to share a mini comfy at-home wardrobe for Athleisure, Working Out, and Loungewear so you can feel great and put together, even in leggings and joggers! 🙌🏽

BTW, remember that Nordstrom offers free shipping AND free return shipping on all orders!  This is especially helpful when you’re unsure of sizing.  I always order multiple sizes and return for free the one that doesn’t work.  Love their customer service!


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(Including Comfy Jeans & Work Outfits)

You can shop today’s outfits AND MORE from my Nordstrom Looks page!  I created 20 outfits that mix and match today’s items that you can shop HERE.  Plus, I’ve created TONS of looks in the past, so for outfit ideas galore head over to my Nordstrom Looks page!

Also, remember to sign up for the Nordy Club to rack up points while you shop!

Lastly, if you need comfy outfits with jeans or for work, check out my previous post 9 Outfit Formulas: Casual and Work Outfits for Being Comfy at Home.

Let’s get to this mini wardrobe!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

The Pieces

Let’s start with a few pieces to build a small at-home wardrobe you can feel great in.  This focuses on Athleisure, Working Out, and Loungewear.  Of course, if you need more options, get a few more of the different types of pieces!

Comfy At-Home Wardrobe for Athleisure, Activewear, Loungewear - 20 Outfits

Shop the items below:
grey hoodie (similar) | black cardigan | denim jacket | grey long-sleeve top | camo long-sleeve top (similar)
black tank | blue tank | graphic tee (similar) | black tee | tote
space dye leggings | black leggings | blue joggers (similar) | grey joggers (similar) | throw blanket
black sneakers | white sneakers (similar) | leopard sneakers (similar) | slippers


Tips for Creating YOUR Mini Wardrobe

1. Mix it up with leggings and joggers in a couple of different colors each.  I’m showing my favorite Zella leggings in black, plus another pair of Zella leggings in grey space dye.

For joggers, I’m showing navy and grey, but you could switch either of those for olive or another color. I looooove the idea of teal or olive joggers.  I’m too pregnant to fit them right now 😭, but I’m still tempted to order them anyway. 😜 The PMT Team is eyeing them too!  Shop several joggers and leggings HERE.


2. For tops in each category (Athleisure, Workout, and Loungewear), I focused on having at least one in a solid neutral color and one with something more interesting, like a print, graphic, or color. For example, for the long sleeve tops, I chose a solid grey one and a camo print.  For short sleeve tops, I went with a solid black and a graphic tee.  For workout tops, I chose a basic black tank and a colored one in blue.  Following this rule helps a lot of the pieces go together while also mixing it up a little so that it’s not full of solid basics.  Shop the tops HERE.

As far as sleeve lengths, do whatever works for your current temps.  I added both long sleeve and short sleeve tops for Athleisure and Loungewear for areas with fluctuating temps.


3. For completer pieces, I went with 1 hoodie primarily for working out, my super comfy denim jacket, and a soft oversized cardigan for loungewear.  But, you can use the hoodie and cardigan for multiple purposes.

You can shop the key pieces HERE.  If you want more jogger options, try THESE.  And for more tops, check THESE.

Onto the outfits!


Athleisure Outfits

You can make a ton of athleisure outfits with these pieces.  These are easy to wear around the house, and you can quickly throw on sneakers and a denim jacket if you’re headed out.  This is my super comfy denim jacket that is stretchy and soft!  Check it out HERE.

Here are the outfits:

At-Home Capsule Wardrobe: Athleisure

Shop the Outfits below:
Outfit #1  |  Outfit #2  |  Outfit #3  |  Outfit #4  |  Outfit #5
Outfit #6  |  Outfit #7  |  Outfit #8  |  Outfit #9  |  Outfit #10


Workout Outfits

Here are some of the pieces in a few outfits for working out.  For more options, add another solid colored top!  Or, if you’re comfortable working out in regular cotton t-shirts, you can also wear the black tee and Paris tee from the Athleisure outfits above.

At-Home Capsule Wardrobe: Activewear

Shop the Outfits below:
Outfit #1  |  Outfit #2  |  Outfit #3


Loungewear Outfits

Lastly, here are some outfits to lounge in around the house!

At-Home Capsule Wardrobe: Loungewear

Shop the Outfits below:
Outfit #1  |  Outfit #2  |  Outfit #3  |  Outfit #4
Outfit #5  |  Outfit #6  |  Outfit #7


Are any of these calling your name?  I’d encourage you to make a mini at-home capsule to make life at home a little more deliberate–and cuter! 😁

Remember if you need comfy outfits with jeans or for work, check out my previous post 9 Outfit Formulas: Casual and Work Outfits for Being Comfy at Home.


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