REVIEWS: Athletic and Athleisure Gear (not maternity), Business Casual Maternity Pants and Jeans, and more!

REVIEWS: Athleisure (not maternity) + Maternity Business Casual Pants + Maternity Jeans + More

The title says it all.  Why am I buying athletic gear right now when they’re NOT maternity wear and I won’t be able to really, really use them until months from now?  For pretty much no good reason other than I saw some cute workout and athleisure clothes on my friend which led me down a rabbit trail on Kohl’s website which actually led me to some pretty promising things.  And I was worried they’d be sold out a few months from now.  SOOOOO yeah.  😀

In addition, I’ve got some maternity reviews.  I’m 29 weeks pregnant with still a few months left and a whole new season to enter into–it’s in the 70s and 80s where I live now and doesn’t seem to be letting up.  So with both a new trimester and new season, it’s time to get some more maternity clothes.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes, regardless of being pregnant.  I wear 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Cross Hem Tunic for Athleisure

Cross Over Hem Tunic – wearing size S, go for M for a looser fit.  ON SALE!
I don’t know what it is about this sweatshirt but I instantly loved it and cannot wait to wear it without a baby bump! It’s a thin sweatshirt material that’s long enough for leggings and perfect for athleisure! The cross over hem at the bottom makes it extra cute, and the thumbholes at the sleeves are a major plus. Benson even remarked jealousy over the thumbholes.  😛

This comes in 7 colors and is currently ON SALE!  I bought mine during a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale, but that came out to $30 each with the sale.  Right now they’re only $21.24 each!  I ordered the lavender as well, and it’s so pretty!  Something light and bright and happy!  See the colors HERE.

I’m wearing this in size S. I tried both M and S and it was hard to determine which would work better on me post-baby. You know, sometimes things look better with a bump when they’re fitted but look better looser on me without a baby bump—like the bodycon dresses. Honestly I think either S or M will work.  M will be a looser fit, but S fit my shoulders better so I ended up with that.


Workout Shorts Review

Workout Shorts – wearing size M.  Also ON SALE!
Workout shorts are hard for me to find.  They’re usually way too short for my comfort level (aka my rear and thighs!) and/or the legs aren’t wide enough for my thighs.  These shorts are winners!!!  I won’t need them for at least a few months, but they caught my eye and I wanted to try them and have them in case they weren’t available several months from now when I can actually use them.

The inseam is 3.75″ and in my book anything longer than 3″ is worth trying.   These were long enough for me!  The leg openings are almost 13″ across when laid flat in size M if that helps.  You can compare that measurement with shorts that fit you well.  The waistband is wide and comfortable–even under my pregnant belly, though I don’t plan to wear them while pregnant for fear of permanently stretching out the waistband.  They have pockets (!!!).  And the material is a comfy, stretchy, but kind of thick spandex–kind of what good leggings might be made of except not skin tight.  They have moisture wicking tech too!

After trying them, I immediately purchased a second pair in black, and they are ON SALE today as well!  So glad to have found some comfy and flattering shorts!  See them in black, grey, and navy HERE.


Nike Flex 6 Review

Nike Flex 6
This is what I saw on my friend that led me down the Kohl’s athletic gear rabbit trail.  And based on the two great finds above, I’m not sad that I went down the trail.  These shoes make a third great find–AREN’T THEY PRETTY?

I know I’m going to get asked if these are as comfortable as my Nike Tanjuns.  The answer is no, but that’s not necessarily a point against these as much as it is to say that the Tanjuns are ridiculously comfortable.  (The Tanjuns have a memory foam footbed!  I mean, that’s hard to compete with.)  These are as comfortable as regular sneakers, but they are so stinking cute, and I prefer them to the white pair of Nike Tanjuns.

They are extremely lightweight with a breathable mesh upper. The sole has more traction than the Tanjuns and actually seems more durable.

I’d imagine they’d get dirty easily, but I’m not planning to run around in dirt in these.  Mostly for athleisure!  I love that they’re white and bright without being blinding, and they elevate dark leggings in a flash–perfect for spring!  See them HERE.


Maternity Style Reviews: Black Scoop Neck Jersey Bodycon Dress

Old Navy Maternity Short Sleeve Dress – wearing size M
This dress is the short sleeved version of the amazing maternity dress I talked about in my last reviews. Equally as awesome! So comfy, so stretchy, so flattering. I almost never wear fitted dresses while not pregnant, but I find them much more flattering than all the empire waist and other maternity dresses. I would really encourage you to try one, even if they don’t look great on you when you’re not pregnant. You might be surprised! And if not, the worst that can happen is you return the dress. ?

Wearing this in size M. See it HERE.


Maternity Style Reviews: Business Casual PantsMaternity Style Reviews: Grey Maternity Business Casual pantsMaternity Style Reviews: Business Casual Maternity Pants

Maternity Side Panel Ankle Pants – wearing size 4
A few people asked about business casual maternity pants, so I ordered a couple to try.  Let me caveat this by saying these are the first business casual maternity pants I’ve tried so I have nothing to compare them to other than regular business casual pants and maternity jeans.

First up are the Old Navy pixie pants.  I’ve heard wonderful things about the non-maternity pixie pants, though I haven’t tried those personally. What I can say about the maternity version is they’re keepers!

The legs are very stretchy—something I’d want in non-maternity pants and are even more appreciated during pregnancy. I also find the leg fit to be decently flattering. The side panel is very stretchy, but unlike all the side panel maternity jeans I reviewed last time, these pants actually don’t slide down on me. Whaaaaat? Yeah, I don’t need business casual maternity pants and only ordered them because of your requests, but given that they actually don’t slide down I miiiiight end up just keeping them and wearing them just because. Still TBD but legitimately considering it!

Downsides: they have zero pockets. No front pockets, and no back pockets. Whyyyyyyy, Old Navy? At least some back pockets? Nope. ?

Fit: You need to size way way down in these and do the 3-hour stretch test (talked about HERE).


Maternity Style Reviews: Olive Maternity Business Casual PantsMaternity Style Reviews: Business Casual Pants

I tried size 6 and they fit well initially. But since reviews said these stretched out, sagged at the knees, and required pulling up often after a few hours, I was 95% confident sizing down to 4 would at least prevent having to pull them up as much and possibly minimize sagging at the knees . Learned that through my many Old Navy jeans purchases over the last year or two! As suspected, size 4 was a preferable fit after a few hours of wear with the 3-hour stretch test.

The grey pair is how they look after 3 hours. The olive pair is what size 4 looks like on me initially. See how they’re shorter and the leg is a bit more fitted? The waistband also started a tad tighter than I wanted but loosened up slightly within the first 3 hours.  Make sure you size down or order several sizes, do the stretch test, and take advantage of Old Navy’s free return shipping to return what doesn’t work.

These come in several colors including beige, olive, oatmeal, navy, and black HERE. For some reason the grey pair is listed separately and found HERE.

Also, I get asked about my top every time I show it.  It’s sold out from LOFT in the fall, but there are a few similar yellow tops HERE, HERE, and HERE.  


Maternity Full Panel Harper Pants
My picture should already tell you my verdict.  These are awful. I’m reviewing them mostly so that you steer clear of them and don’t waste your time. ?

They’re a full panel but they also have a waistband. The panel is a little tight while the waistband is awkwardly loose, too large, but also uncomfortable because it doesn’t have stretch. Not to mention these do horrendous things at the crotch area! Don’t bother!


White Old Navy Maternity Jeans REVIEW

White Old Navy Maternity Jeans – wearing size 4
White jeans are a spring staple for me, so I knew I had to get a pair of white maternity jeans.  Our weather is already springy/summery, so I should be able to use them quite a bit even though I’m due in April and will be able to go back to wearing my non-maternity white jeans for the remainder of spring through summer.

These fit pretty much like the regular Old Navy Rockstar skinnies around the legs, with a slimmer ankle.  The legs have stretch to them, though I wish they had even more stretch.  They got softer and molded better to me the longer I wore them though, so that’s good!  I did the 3 Hour Stretch Test and they passed, not sagging or losing shape.  They also HAVE NOT BEEN FALLING DOWN ON ME which is a miracle for maternity jeans so far!

The waistband seemed a tad tight to get over my hips, and for some reason a *bit* awkward.  I’m not sure what it is.  Maybe it sits at a weird place on me?  Anyway, it’s not awkward enough to be a deal breaker, and when going about my day I actually don’t notice it.  The full panel is not my favorite but by no means do I hate it.  Luckily you can unbutton the waistband to open it up a bit more.  Otherwise, when it’s actually on, the waistband is fine.

I typically size down in Old Navy Rockstars.  I’m usually size 6/8 in jeans and most often get ON Rockstars in size 4 as they tend to stretch out upon first wear (and then don’t stretch more).   This sizing has been consistent for me in ON maternity jeans as well.  But always, get two sizes, do the 3 Hour Stretch Test and take advantage of Old Navy’s free return shipping and return whatever doesn’t work for no extra cost.

See the white maternity jeans HERE.  Also, the top I’m wearing is HERE, and I wear size S.


Pink Striped Maternity Top REVIEW

Pink Striped Maternity Top – size M
This top comes in pink shown here or a staple white with navy stripes.  This is very soft and stretchy, but also very thin and a little too long on me.   It looks *alright* in the pink version, but because of how thin it is, the white version showed too many lumps and was somewhat see-through.  Unfortunately I’ll be passing on this, despite it receiving 5 stars in reviews!

Overall, I found some really great stuff!  And this is all from Kohl’s and Old Navy, so you know the price points are ??.

What kinds of pieces are you looking for these days?  I’ll keep my eye out and try to review some if you let me know!

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