Athleisure Spring Wardrobe (Turns into 42 Outfits!)

Athleisure Spring Wardrobe

Today I’m sharing an athleisure spring wardrobe I created for the Athleisure Spring Wardrobe & Outfit Guide! Who says you can’t be casual, comfy, AND stylish? You know me—I FIRMLY believe you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, and you don’t have to give up leggings, joggers, or sneakers to look stylish and put together. You just need to do it right! 😊

Step 1 is to start with the right pieces.

Step 2 is to put together great combinations, coordinating the items so that they are cohesive but also in a way that’s not boring and is visually interesting.

Step 3 is to add styling details to pull everything together and transform the outfits from plain to polished.

(This is the 3-step framework for being put together that I use in programs like Simply Put Together and the PMT Style Club!)

Today’s post helps you with Step 1 and offers a few pieces that you can try!

Shop the Athleisure Spring Wardrobe:

If you’d like help with Step 2—putting together great combinations—then grab a copy of the new Spring Athleisure Wardrobe & Outfit Guide! It’ll show you 42 outfit ideas and spreads them out into 6 weeks of daily outfits.

That way, you won’t have to think about what to wear, but you’ll have new outfit ideas, stop wearing the same outfit on repeat, get a lot of use out of all of your clothes, and help your old clothes feel fresh again.

Access 42 casual, comfy, and stylish athleisure outfits


Last, if you still have trouble making athleisure look pulled together, you need help with Step 3! For that, join us in the PMT Style Club at its next opening. There are styling details that are ABSOLUTELY KEY to making every outfit go from plain to polished and put together—even for athleisure—and we help you work it out in the PMT Style Club. It’s where you won’t just buy a lot of clothes that collect dust in your closet, but you’ll actually elevate your style with personalized teaching, coaching, feedback, and live support from me and the community. Check out all the details and get on the waitlist HERE.

(And pssst… you access ALL the wardrobe guides for the season as a member of the PMT Style Club. It’s THE BEST value, especially if you ever buy more than one guide in a season. This spring, members got the Athleisure, Casual/Elevated Casual, and Work guides wrapped into their membership—$107 worth of guides for their $72 seasonal membership. Plus access to all the exclusive style courses, workshops, teaching, and community! Get on the waitlist and become a member at its next opening HERE.)

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