Practical and Utilitarian Gifts to Step Up Her Style

Women in my family tend to be very utilitarian and practical.  VERY.  Almost none of the women in my family care about things being pretty for the sake of being pretty.  If it doesn’t solve a problem in their life, and if it’s not good quality or not something they’d actually use, forget about it!  I mean, that’s true for me as well if you haven’t noticed. 😛

Last year I created this gift guide keeping in mind the women in my family, and it turned out to be a favorite for many PMTers.  This year I’ve kept many of my recs the same and have added a few.

Most of these items are from Amazon with fast shipping, and some of them can be found in stores.  But really, we’re not too far out of the regular shipping window so almost all of these should arrive in time for Christmas!

Useful and Practical Gifts for Her

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1. White Travel Jewelry Case // 2. Travel Jewelry Case // 3. Sweater Shaver
4. Eyeshadow Palette // 5. Windowpane Blanket Scarf // 6. Plaid Blanket Scarf // 7. Makeup Brushes
8. AirPufs // 9. Steamer // 10. PMT Winter 2018 Style Challenge
11. Tote // 12. Curling Wand // 13. DW Watch // 14. Wooden Watch
15. Purse Hanger // 16. HEATTECH Layer // 17. Sweatshirt // 18. Makeup Organizer


1 & 2 Travel Jewelry Cases – These keep jewelry organized while traveling.  I have one from 9 years ago that’s the same shape as Option 1, but I mentioned in the Traveler’s Gift Guide that I’d like to replace it for Option 2 since it’s bigger.  It seems like it’ll hold all my statement earrings better!  😀

3. Sweater Shaver – I bought this last year and it restores pilled, fuzzed out sweaters.  It was scary to use at first–and still sometimes is–but it totally makes a huge difference!  I posted a before and after pic on Facebook HERE.  (<–You can click on each photo to see it bigger and in more detail to see the difference better.)  Since last year I’ve been hearing PMTers talk about it saying it’s a game changer!

4. Eyeshadow Palette – Talked about this already, but the shades are very versatile, and the pigmentation is great.  It’s fantastic for women who don’t love makeup because it really just won’t let you down!

5. Blanket Scarf – I’m so glad this is still around again this year because I loved it last year!  See 5 outfits with it HERE and tips for how to wear them.  (And no, I don’t have a tutorial on how I tie it, but I’ll try to make one soon.)

6. Plaid Blanket Scarf – Another favorite that I got late last season.  Excited to break it out again!  See the ways I’ve worn mine HERE.  This is only $12.98 and comes in TONS of other prints!  See them HERE.

7. Makeup Brush Kit – This is SUCH a good price for what you get and how many reviews it has.  I don’t need more makeup brushes, but if I did, I’d be all over this.  Especially because of the travel case!  Similarly to what I said in #4 about the eyeshadow, this is good especially for those who don’t love makeup because they probably don’t have great makeup brushes.  A starter kit like this would be perfect for them for the occasions on which they need to wear makeup.

8. AirPufs Insoles – This has become one of my default gifts to throw in with something else.  I love them SO much, and I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t want their shoes to be more comfortable.  Read my review about them HERE.  Note: Several people have commented that their AirPufs have ripped in half, but I am happy to report that the AirPufs owner heard all that feedback and made the insoles much stronger and more durable.

9. Steamer – This is such an awesome, practical gift!  I’m the kind of person that LOATHED ironing and would rather use a hair straightener on my clothes than a real iron.  Steaming feels way quicker and easier, and I’m kind of addicted to it now!  For years I’ve had a small travel steamer (which I can’t find online anymore), but because of how much I steam now I wanted one with a bigger tank so that I could steam longer without refilling when I’m not traveling.  I tested one on Instastories that someone recommended to me (THIS one by Secura), and while I think it was fine, I wasn’t in love with it.  I switched to the one shown above (by Anbanglin) and have been really happy with it.  The tank is large, it emits lots of steam, it has an on/off button, it has another button that you can lock to emit steam automatically or that you can press to emit steam only when you want it to, and it has a removable tank to refill it.  The opening to refill water is a tad small, but considering I don’t need to refill the tank that often, it’s fine, and all the other features outweigh it.  It’s only around $30!

10. PMT Winter 2018 Style Challenge – Shameless plug for this fun challenge that’s about to happen!  The challenge helps you build a small capsule wardrobe and provides you with 48 outfits from that capsule.  You’ll be given an outfit + outfit formula to wear for 34 days so you or your friend can look great everyday without having to think much about it each day!  Read about it HERE and consider buying a membership to the challenge for a friend to do it together!  Registration will open December 18th!

To purchase it as a gift, you should be able to input the other person’s name & email address but pay for it with your credit card or PayPal account. If you also want to do the challenge, you can register an additional time with your own name & email address.  That way, you will each receive your personalized download links, weekly emails, and access to the private Facebook group.  

11. Tote – I carry this everywhere with me, if you haven’t noticed!  I got it as a cheaper alternative to the popular real leather tote from Madewell (HERE) that is gorgeous but quite expensive.  I’ve seen SO many women with the tote I own or a similar version, and I think the minimal design is widely received.  Would be great for almost any gal!

12. Curling Wand – I’ve gotten a ton of questions on my hair lately, and unfortunately I don’t have a curling tutorial yet.  However, this is the curling wand I use and love.  You can control the temperature, and it can get really, really hot which is good for my thick hair.  My curls last all day, and then during day 2 and 3 without washing I’ll still have nice softer curls leftover from day 1 without touching up anything.  I attribute it all to how hot this wand can get.

13. Daniel Wellington Watch – I’ve worn Daniel Wellington watches for a couple of years and have gotten so many compliments on them.  The design is timeless and would work for nearly any woman, whether super stylish or not!

14. Wooden Watch – I switch between my Daniel Wellington watches and this JORD watch, though this past year I mostly wore this one.  It makes a statement while still being really versatile!

15. Purse Hanger – I own this in silver and carry it everywhere.  Sometimes I don’t want to put my bag on really dirty looking floors in cafes or restaurants, and I’m relieved knowing I have this purse hook.  I’ve tried other purse hooks, but this is the strongest and most stable one.  I use it on tables and the backs of chairs, but I just saw on its product site that you can use it in your car, hooking it to the headrest connectors and hanging your purse!

16. HEATTECH Layer – This gift is super duper practical and not cute, but it’s totally helpful.  I’ve mentioned them before, but in the winter I wear these in black or nude under everything for an extra layer of insulation.  They are super duper thin, super stretchy while never getting saggy, and the scoop neck versions are great for staying hidden under various tops.  The sleeves are also intentionally a bit shorter so that they stay hidden.  I love these!  I wear them in M.

17. Loungewear Sweatshirt – I hear quite a few people ask for recommendations on good loungewear.  This sweatshirt is really cute and really soft!  It’s on the shorter side as I think it’s meant to be cropped, so keep that in mind for who you’re gifting it to.  I’m also not sure how it washes, but it is really darn soft and cute with leggings.

18. Makeup Organizer – This thing is really affordable and useful, and comes in a few different arrangements with smaller drawers or more drawers.  See them HERE.

Have you tried any of these items?  Know someone in your life who would benefit from one of these?

For more tried and true products, see all of my gift guides HERE or choose from the list below:


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