PMT Best Sellers & Most Popular Blog Posts for 2021

PMT 2021 Best Sellers

It’s time for the year-end recap! It’s hard to believe that 2021 is coming to a close, isn’t it? As we wrap it up, I’ll spend the next couple of posts reviewing the year. Today I’m starting out by sharing the PMT best sellers and the most popular blog posts from 2021!

In a couple of days, I’ll share some personal reflections from the year along with MY personal favorite purchases of 2021. For today, it’s all about what YOU all were the most interested in.

There are some gooooooood pieces here and some super helpful blog posts. If you overlooked some of these items or missed some of these blog posts, they are definitely worth checking out!

Top Sellers in 2021

I always love seeing what you were the most interested in. And like I said, these pieces are GOOD, and while I’ll talk more about my personal favorites from 2021 in the next post, a lot of these are on that list, too!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually size S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Dressy Outfit: white tshirt + red tiered midi skirt + nude heels + white earrings + pendant necklace + tan clutch

1. Amazon Printed Skirt – This is one of my favorite items from the year, and I’m so glad so many of you love it, too! I bought it in red, and it’s super silky feeling, flowy, and just overall so pretty. Plus it has an elastic waistband, so it’s really comfy! Loved wearing this in the summer for a cute outfit that looks really fancy but is actually so comfortable and easy to wear. I wear size M. It’s only around $30 and comes in 13 colors, HERE! It does shrink in the wash which brings the length up quite a bit, so I steam it from top to bottom thoroughly to relax the fibers and usually get it to unshrink by about 1.5-2″.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Casual Outfit: black and white striped long sleeve tee + medium blue skinny jeans + cream long cardigan + tan suede ankle boots + tan earrings + gold pendant necklace + tan tote

2. Dear Mushka Gold Locket Pendant Necklace 
This has been my most worn necklace for the last several years, and it has made the monthly bestsellers list for a billion months in a row this year, ha! It goes with basically everything and does an amazing job of pulling together an outfit, despite its simplicity. It’s actually a locket, so you can put a picture in it! See ways I’ve worn it HERE. Get it HERE.

NOTE: I found the original chain a little fragile, so I swapped it out with a chain from an old necklace I had. You can find other chains at craft stores or on Amazon. My new chain is 34″.

This one is a HUGE PMT fan favorite, so if you’re new here, definitely check it out.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Casual Outfit: yellow leopard print tee + black skinny jeans + light wash denim jacket + white slip-on sneakers + white earrings + tan tote

3. Etsy Leopard Print Tee – I love this tee! It’s soft and comfy. It’s more stretchy rather than drapey, so I prefer to tie it rather than tuck. Very cute! Check it out HERE. I wear size S.

PMT Best Sellers 2021 Nice Elevated Casual Outfit: black and white long sleeve tee + light wash straight leg jeans + beige long cardigan + tan suede flats + gold initial pendant necklace + grey crossbody bagPMT Best Sellers 2021 Nice Elevated Casual Outfit: black and white long sleeve tee + medium wash blue skinny jeans + beige long cardigan + gold pendant necklace + tan tote

4. Caslon Open Front Cardigan – This item is from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but is only available in a few sizes and colors now. I have many long cardigans, but I think this is my favorite one. It’s thicker than most, which also makes it warmer than my others, yet it’s not super bulky. It retains shape really well, too. A few colors and sizes are still available, though I much prefer the sale price (which was around $45, I believe?) to the full price. 😬 Check out the colors HERE. I wear size XS as these run very large.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Nice Elevated Business Casual Outfit: black and white long sleeve tee + blue floral blouse + medium wash blue skinny jeans + rust orange brown tie waist pants + navy blue sweatshirt blazer + tan suede ankle boots + tan suede pumps + gold pendant necklace + tan tote + grey tote

5. Caslon Knit Blazer – This has been a PMT fan favorite for YEARS, and it was on the top sellers list again for 2021. This blazer feels like a SWEATSHIRT, so it’s really, really comfortable while still helping you look polished for work. It’s also great if you want to wear blazers to change up your work look but also don’t want to look super corporate or very business professional, as most blazers tend to do. It’s almost always available during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and then on sale throughout different parts of the year, though sizes are much less available after the NSale. It’s currently on sale HERE. I wear size XS as this tends to run very large. However, the sleeves might feel tight for some if you size down that much, so I would encourage you to order two sizes if they’re both available, then utilize Nordstrom’s free return shipping (yes, on all orders!) to easily mail back the ones that don’t work.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Nice Casual Outfit: sage green tshirt slub knit knee length dress + tan suede ankle boots + white earrings

6. Amazon Tiered Dress – Ohmigosh, I love this thing! Granted, I only got to wear it two or three times because of the timing of when I bought it and when the weather changed. But, I can’t wait to wear it next year! It’s very comfy but is different from the typical “pajama dresses” (as I like to call them) that I’ve shared about in the past. It’s more like a slub t-shirt material, so it holds structure a bit better and doesn’t cling as much to every bump. It also has a tiered shape, so it offers more shape in general. It has POCKETS! It’s a little thicker than summer weight dresses, so while you can wear it in the summer, it also kind of works for that cooler springtime and the early parts of fall. Available in 8 colors and prints, HERE! I wear size S.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Nice Casual Outfit: beige balloon sleeve sweater + sage green skinny pants + tan suede flats + gold initial pendant necklace + tan totePMT Best Sellers 2021 Nice Casual Outfit: rust red orange balloon sleeve sweater + light wash blue straight leg jeans + tan suede flats + gold initial pendant necklace + grey crossbody bag

7. Treasure & Bond Hi Low Crewneck Sweater – This is another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that has become one of my most worn items. That said, I would only buy this on sale and not at full price, to be honest! It is VERY SOFT and lightweight, and very comfy! It drapes really, really well, creating a relaxed feel that I totally love. The hi low hem adds to that easygoing vibe. Comes in a few colors, HERE. I wear size S.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Casual Outfit: oatmeal thankful tee + light wash blue straight leg jeans + white slip-on sneakers + Nickel & Suede earrings

8. Etsy Thankful Tee – Another tee from the same shop where I bought the leopard print tee. This is just as soft and comfy, and I love the colors and print. I wear size S, but I will say that I also have M (ordered that on accident and they let me keep it), and it actually does drape better and kind of works in a loose front tuck—it looks good from the front but there’s just way too much material left in the back.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Nice Dressy Outfit: light brown orange midi ruffle dress bohemian Amazon + light gold embellished thong sandals + pendant necklace + white Nickel & Suede earrings

9. Amazon Bohemian Dress – This was from a try-on session and though I only talked about it that one time (I think?) it was a best seller in 2021! It’s lightweight and adorable! It has a faux-wrap top with a button to keep the top closed and secure. It’s lined from the top all the way to below the knees, and then the very bottom portion is slightly see-through, which gives the dress a more lightweight feel. Great dress for spring and summer events, or if you just wanna look a little extra special on a casual day. It’s available in 16 colors, HERE! I wear size M.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Casual Athleisure Outfit: yellow leopard print tee + black Zella joggers + light wash denim jacket + white slip-on sneakers + white earrings + tan tote

10. Zella Live In Pocket Joggers – These are my favorite non-sweatpants joggers! They are smooth and stretchy, giving them a sporty vibe that is great for athleisure as well as activewear. They also retain shape well, so the knees don’t get super saggy. They have 1,200 reviews and 4.5 stars! I personally love them. Currently available in 3 colors, though new colors are rotated in each season. Find them HERE. I wear size S.

That’s it for the top sellers of the year! Do you own any of them? If so, which ones? What are some of YOUR favorite pieces from the year?

Sold Out Top Sellers

Here are a few that made the Top 10 list but are currently sold out. I separated them thinking it might be frustrating to not be able to get them, but I also wanted to mention them anyway in case you are interested in knowing what fellow PMTers loved.

PMT Best Sellers 2021 Nicer Elevated Casual Outfit: white ruffle sleeve top Amazon + medium blue straight leg jeans cuffed + tan woven mules + white earrings

1. Amazon Ruffle Sleeve Top – I showed this in white several times, including Three Formulas for Outfits With a Solid Colored Blouse and Four Outfits With a White Top for Spring. Sizes are limited, but in case it comes back, this is a great one. Lightweight, pretty with the ruffle sleeves, but not too intricate. Very versatile and can be worn with jeans, worn to work, and dressed up! Comes in several colors and a couple of prints HERE. I wear size S.


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Nicer Elevated Casual Outfit: white balloon sleeve sweater + light wash straight leg jeans + tan suede flats + cognac crossbody bag + tan earrings + gold pendant necklace

2. Wit & Wisdom CoolMax Raw Hem Straight Jeans – Totally sold out 😭, but I wanted to still list them to acknowledge them as a top seller. I bought these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and LOVE them! These are my favorite pair of straight leg jeans due to the comfy, stretchy waistband and stretch in the legs, plus they are still thick enough to make you feel secure. I also just like how they fit, (though of course that won’t be the case for everyone since we all have different shapes).


PMT Best Sellers 2021 Nicer Elevated Casual Outfit: blue and green floral Halogen blouse + light wash denim jacket + white straight leg jeans + yellow suede flats + grey cognac crossbody bag + yellow earringsPMT Best Sellers 2021 Nicer business casual Outfit: olive green floral Halogen blouse + navy slacks + tan suede flats + cognac tote bag

3. Halogen Top – I have this in a couple of prints, but unfortunately they’re no longer available. I love these tops as versatile options for work and nicer casual outfits. Easy to wear but cute! I wear size M. I am hoping that more prints and colors will become available as the spring rolls around since that is what has happened in the past. You can keep checking HERE to see what’s available. That link includes both straight and plus size listings.


Most Popular Blog Posts in 2021

Here are some of the most viewed blog posts this year! Actually, many of the most viewed posts from the year were old posts that weren’t written in 2021 but are still good and pertinent today and get plenty of views. So, below I’ll share two lists. First is the top 10 most popular posts that were written in 2021. Then I’ll share other posts that made the *true* top 10 most visited posts in 2021, regardless of which year they were written.

10 Most Popular Blog Posts Written in 2021

  1. How to Style Straight Leg Jeans – Tips for Shoes, Tops, and Silhouettes – Given all the talk around denim styles shifting this year, it’s no surprise this was number one!
  2. 7 Game Changers That Make Style Easier and More Enjoyable – Must read! These are things I learned about style over the years that I wish someone had told me sooner.
  3. 5 Early Fall Work Outfits (That Are Really Comfy, Of Course! 😉) – Comfy work clothes are always a favorite.
  4. 5 Classic Outfit Combos That Always Work + LOTS of Examples – Use these formulas in any season to help you get dressed. Use them as outfit prompts to help inspire you and help you use your own pieces!
  5. 5 Ideas for Layering + 13 Outfits With Layering for You to Copy – Helpful this time of year when it’s cold!
  6. 3 Spring Business Casual Outfits to Wear to Work – To help you mix up your workwear.
  7. Athleisure & Activewear Mini Capsule Wardrobe + 10 Outfit Ideas – We were just coming out of 2020 and people wanted even more athleisure and activewear outfits.
  8. Denim Jacket Outfits for Spring + Tips for Shopping Denim Jackets – A denim jacket is a wardrobe staple! Read this post to learn what to look for when shopping for denim jackets and get outfit inspiration.
  9. 5 Outfits With Black Jeans for Spring — Casual to Dressy Casual – Black jeans are another wardrobe staple. See how versatile they are in this post!
  10. Your Guide to Crazy Comfortable Jeans and Comfortable Pants – Having comfortable jeans and work pants is of the utmost importance if you want to look presentable and put together without sacrificing comfort. This is a breakdown of my favorites so that you can actually LOVE and WANT to wear your jeans and work pants!


Other Most Visited Blog Posts During 2021

There were SIX posts that actually made the top 10 most visited in 2021 but weren’t written in 2021. Here they are!

  1. How to Wear Ankle Boots With Pants for Work – Straight Leg and Skinny Pants – Very frequently asked question! Here’s your answer!
  2. Plain to Polished: Using Accessories to Pull Outfits Together – One of my favorite style lessons that I personally ever learned. 😊
  3. How to Wear Bootcut Jeans + 12 Outfits With Bootcut Jeans – Y’all are such huge fans of bootcut jeans!
  4. How to Pair Tights With Boots – The Simplest Guidelines – Another important one for this time of year!
  5. Repost: Making Dresses Warmer in Winter – To be honest, I haven’t worn a dress in cold weather in a while. It coincided with the more kids I had, haha! (I got out of the habit once I had to breastfeed kids—ease of pulling up a sweater, rather than stripping away all the layers to breastfeed, won. 😆) But I actually often felt warmer with dresses because of all the layering you could do! Read this post to learn how.
  6. FASTer Way to Fat Loss: My Before and After Pics + Q&A – I don’t remember talking much about FASTer Way in 2021, yet this page was still in my top 10 most visited posts. FASTer Way helped me reclaim my health after having my second kid. I’ve wanted to do one more round since having my third kid (1.5 years ago, haha!) but you know… COVID and the extra chaos a third kid adds and moving to a new city kinda made it all extra hard to get started. Maybe in 2022? Eh, we’ll see! You can read all about my experience and see my before & after pictures in this post.


That’s it for the top sellers and top blog posts round-up! Let me know which items and blog posts were among your favorites!

In a couple of days I’ll share some of MY personal favorite purchases from the year, along with some reflections on 2021!

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