6 Kid Friendly Pieces for Office to Weekend with Lily Jade

You know I’m all about having a mix and match wardrobe full of versatile pieces.  If you are too, then get excited because today I’ve chosen 6 pieces that we’ll style for a business casual work environment and then for the weekend!

I’m especially excited about this because besides simply loving mix and match posts, all of these items are kid-friendly and geared towards moms.  (Though, there’s no reason why someone without kids shouldn’t wear these too!)  A while ago I was helping a friend revamp her wardrobe, and she asked me if it was possible to get pieces that she could wear for occasional meetings at work or church but could also wear while wrangling her two toddlers.  Is that even possible?  YES, yes it is!  And today I’ve teamed up again with Lily Jade to show you!

There’s not a more perfect fit than Lily Jade to showcase office to weekend pieces for mamas.  They sell BEAUTIFUL diaper bags that are all about versatility in 3 major ways:

  1. First of all, you can’t even tell they’re diaper bags.  They’re really just gorgeous, normal bags that you can put diapers in and that have wipeable insides.  
  2. Many of them can be worn a few different ways, between having shoulder handles, a crossbody strap, and some with a backpack feature.  
  3. They transition effortlessly from a work environment to casual activities, which I’ll show below!

Almost all clothing and shoes should be under $50 with current sales.  

Easy Dress
Whether it’s solid or has a print, colored or neutral, there are tons of dresses that can be worn with kids–even ones with sticky fingers or drooly lips–that can also be dressed up with a blazer and pumps for work.  This is a great example of one.  The silhouette is simple and very easy to pair with a slick jacket for the office.  However, paired with colored sandals and a hat or maybe a simple pendant, it becomes a cute casual outfit.

The Bag: This gold Sarah Grace diaper bag from Lily Jade goes great with this dress in any setting, looking professional and sophisticated at work but still functional and chic later with the kids.

Shop Dress for Work Outfit:
Dress: Old Navy (exact–make sure you’re under “regular” sizing)
White Jacket: H&M (exact)
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Shop Dress for Weekend Outfit:
Dress: Old Navy (exact–make sure you’re under “regular” sizing)
Sandals: Old Navy (exact sold out, but similar Target here)
Hat: Old Navy (exact)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Printed Blouse
Often when people think “mom clothes” you think cotton tees, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.  Paired with a skirt and blazer this top seems natural in an office look (though you don’t need the blazer).  But, you can wear it with jeans, shorts, and fun sandals for the weekend.  And you know what?  The print hides kid stains and drool marks nicely.  🙂

The Bag: I own this Lily Jade bag, the Madeline, and absolutely love it.  It can be worn on the shoulders, as a messenger bag, and as a backpack.  And, it looks professional and casual at the same time.

Shop Printed Blouse for Work:
Top: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Blazer: H&M (exact, similar Old Navy)
Skirt: Asos (exact)
Shoes: Target (exact)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Shop Printed Blouse for Weekend:
Top: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Shorts: Old Navy (exact)
Sandals: H&M (exact)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Ponte Blazer
I’ve heard several people say that blazers feel stuffy, which makes me wonder if they’ve ever tried ponte blazers.  Ponte blazers feel like sweatshirts.  Awesome!  They have the structure of a blazer but are usually stretchy or at the very least soft, which makes them easy to move in–important for being with kids.

The Bag: This Elizabeth bag with a red canvas base and brown leather accents is one of my favorites.  It can also be worn as a backpack to leave your hands free for playing with kids!

Shop Blazer for Work:
Blazer: Target (exactsimilarsimilar)
Pink ruffle blouse: H&M (exact)
Grey Chinos: Old Navy (exact)
Shoes: Target (exact)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Shop Blazer for Weekend:
Blazer: Target (exactsimilarsimilar)
Tee: Everlane (exact)
Jeans: Old Navy (exact)
Shoes: H&M (exact)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Jersey Skirt
This is the first piece that comes to my mind when asked for clothes moms can wear from the office into the weekend with kids.  Just like the ponte blazer, a jersey pencil skirt is comfortable and stretchy but has the shape of a classic office staple, the pencil skirt.

For the work look I reused the floral blouse, but paired it with pink pumps this time.  You could also use the navy button up (shown in the next section).  For the weekend, pair this jersey pencil skirt with a graphic tee and sneakers!

The Bag: I added the Caroline bag in red leather because it makes such a cute statement.  I have this bag in black, and though it’s supposedly one of the smaller bags, I feel like because of its open shape it holds more than the Madeline.  It’s also really comfy hanging on your shoulders.

Shop Jersey Skirt for Work:
Top: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Skirt: Old Navy (exact–sale for $9!)
Shoes: H&M (exact)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Shop Jersey Skirt for Weekend:
Tee: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Denim Jacket: Old Navy (exact)
Skirt: Old Navy version–sale for $9!
Shoes: Nordstrom (exact)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Solid Blouse
Out of all the solid blouses out there, I went with a linen cotton popover.  It’s a nice basic piece to have and it should be easy to wear and durable for kids.  But the buttons, pocket, and collar details make it more interesting than a plain cotton tee.  (This is also nursing-friendly!)  It goes great with printed bottoms like this really stinking cute striped pencil skirt (on sale at Nordstrom right now!) or Ikat printed shorts (which are 40% off).  For both outfits I incorporated a pop of color in the shoes, using pointy toed flats for work and cute colored espadrille flats for the weekend.

Shop Solid Blouse for Work:
Top: LOFT (exact)
Skirt: Nordstrom (exact–sale for $35)
Shoes: Oasis (exact)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Shop Solid Blouse for Weekend:
Top: LOFT (exact)
Shorts: LOFT (exact–40% off)
Shoes: Old Navy (exactsimilar)
Bag: Lily Jade (exact)

Each Lily Jade bag comes with an insert full of pockets for great organization.  That’s the “diaper bag” part of the bag, however I use it for non-kid things too when I’m not with Addie.  Another cool function of this insert is that you can pack all the diaper stuff in it, then take it out of the bag full of baby stuff and leave only that part with your kid at daycare.  Then, since these bags are all office appropriate, you’re free to use the bag for YOU!  Lily Jade bags are perfect for dual usage!

What’s one of your favorite pieces to wear from the office to the weekend?

This post was created in partnership with Lily Jade.  Go check out their beautiful bags!  For more on PMT’s sponsorship policies, see disclosure.

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