REVIEWS: Inexpensive Awesome Skinny Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, Workout Clothes and More

I’m back from traveling in Madison, FINALLY!  AHHHHHH.  Now I have to clear out that huge pile of work and personal and blog to-do’s for the next week so I can finally feel like I’m on vacation!

I had a few orders come in from Old Navy and Nordstrom right before I left for Madison, and now I can finally share them with you.  This includes some jeans, some athletic wear, and some cute tops.

For reference, I’m 5’6″ with a short torso.  Normally S/M or 6/8.  

Don’t be scared that these are labeled as 3″ shorts.  I feel most comfortable in 4-5″ shorts, and these feel long enough for me.
Being denim, I was delighted that these were so stretchy, making them even more comfortable.  They’re on the thicker side and wouldn’t be see through if you’re wearing nude or even grey underwear.  Haven’t worn them around yet, so I can’t speak to stretching out, but given the elasticity I’d be surprised if they did.  
Several reviewers said these ran large, but that wasn’t the case for me.  Those reviewers seemed to be around size 4 though, whereas I have more junk in the trunk and fuller thighs and they ran true to size for me.  They’re on sale for $15 right now HERE

Skinny Jeans – size 28
I have a pair of dark wash skinny jeans that I love (HERE), but I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for a good pair of skinny jeans.  They’re not easy to find, you know?  I don’t know how I stumbled upon the Caslon jeans in the pic above, but OH MAN.  I had to tell you about them!

They’re a medium thickness which feels more secure for my untoned parts (hehe), but they’re also stretchy and therefore very comfortable.  They have front pockets, whereas the Lucky Brand pair I linked in the first sentence doesn’t.  I was willing to compromise on no front pockets at the time because I was literally desperate for skinny jeans that fit me.  But these Caslon jeans–YESSSSS!  They are just as good as the brand name pair of Paige Denim I own but cost sooooo much less.  I’ve worn the Caslon pair 7 times so far without washing (because I’m disgusting!  Don’t worry, they’re going in the wash tonight…) and they’ve stretched very, very, very, VERY minimally.  Like the good kind of stretching, actually, where the jeans have conformed to you.

And they’re only $31.90 right now HERE (!!!) and stocked in most regular sizes and select petite sizes.  The color is darker in person than what’s shown on my screen, which makes me happy because it’s a little more versatile.  I’m normally size 29, or occasionally 28 and I’m wearing 28 in these.  They run a little large IMO.

I know it’s summer and you don’t want to think about skinny jeans, but I’m loving these!

Black Blouse – size S
I’ve already written about this, but the longer I have it the more I like it!  It’s super easy to wear, and really does work for a number of occasions. It’s loosely fit, which I love for summer months when I want some airflow. It comes in several colors and patterns, so I’m contemplating getting other colors as well because I like it that much!  I wore it last week while I presented a training for 136 newly hired staff for our organization, and paired with a blazer it was comfortable and professional.  See it worn three ways HERE.

Boyfriend Jeans – size 4

I mentioned before how I often opt for boyfriend jeans over skinny jeans in the summer. I really love my current medium wash pair from Old Navy from last year, and I’ve been wanting a lighter wash as well. I was excited to try this pair that’s also from Old Navy and am happy to report that I really like them!

The distressing at the knees are actually patched up, making it harder to rip through them on accident.  If you don’t like the patches I suppose you can use a seam ripper to remove them.  The jeans are fairly soft and flexible.  
So far I’ve only worn these around the house for testing, but after several hours they did not stretch out.

Size down a whole size or two!  I never ever wear size 4 for bottoms, but in both this pair and my old medium wash Old Navy boyfriend jeans I wear 4, even though I consistently wear size 8 in Old Navy shorts.  
Selling out quickly in regular sizes, but in ample stock in tall and petite. Find them HERE.

Swing Top – size M
This top is so cute from the front, but is a big huge NO from the side.  I don’t need people asking me if I’m pregnant when I’m not!  These pictures don’t even do it justice.  I can’t imagine what kind of body shape wouldn’t look pregnant in this.  Maybe larger chested to balance out how it flares outward at the stomach?  I don’t know, but people LOVE this top in the reviews!  It’s a shame that it doesn’t look good on me because it comes in black and pink which are both really cute too.

Embroidered Top – shown M
This also comes in navy with white embroidery.  It’s cute and super lightweight for summer.  BUT, I felt it was too tight across the chest/arm area, and I don’t have a large chest.  It felt awkward to raise my arms or move much, and when I tried to take it off I was worried I’d rip it because it was tight!  I sized up to L and the shoulders were too big.  Overall, cute idea, but maybe better for those with narrower shoulders or something.

Go-Dry Keyhole Back Tank – Medium Petite on left, Medium regular on right.
I found this to be pretty flattering, though I prefer it in petite rather than the regular size. You can see the differences above. The regular is longer on me and goes too far past my rear and shows more lumps and bumps, which I don’t prefer.  The petite is shorter, and if the top is fitted rather than looser, I prefer a shorter length like this.

The back has a keyhole cutout which you can see on the product page HERE.

Graphic Tank
This was cute, and I liked that it’s a looser fit and has more length to cover my rear with fitted workout leggings, but the chest had way too much room for me.  Sizing down wouldn’t help because it would be too tight around my hips.  Perhaps if I had a larger chest or smaller hips it would have worked better.

So, pretty happy with the jeans and shorts I’ve found.  Still looking for some good workout tops.  Any suggestions?  Also, what should I be looking for in workout tops?

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