Comfortable Stretchy Dresses for Work and Weddings (that are nursing friendly!)

This post is for EVERYONE, regardless of whether or not you’re a mom or nursing.  But if you are nursing, tune in hard, friends.

A while back I wrote a post called Your Guide to the Comfiest Wardrobe Ever.” In it I included dresses that are either a) super stretchy, b) super soft, or c) both.  Most of mine feel like pajamas.  I swear by them.  The jersey dresses in chain stores like Target, Old Navy, and even Nordstrom tend to be very inexpensive in the best way possible, but they are also usually solid colored, plain, and look more casual.  In my experience it’s been rare to find printed jersey dresses at those stores, and even fewer that seem appropriate for nicer occasions like weddings.  
Well, I found some!  I’ve rounded up PRINTED stretchy dresses that are a step or two up from a plain jersey dress.  Most of them can be worn to a wedding, and many of them can be worn to work.  A few of them can be both casual and dressy.  AND, they should be nursing friendly due to the faux wrap v-necklines.  Basically no one is excluded from this round up of dresses!  
One thing to beware of:  These are much more expensive than the plain, solid jersey dresses in other stores I named, but I think you’re paying for a unique print and possibly a better material.
Shop the Items:
one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five
six  |  seven  |  eight  |  nine
I haven’t had first hand experience with any listed other than #2, but I skimmed reviews and though they  seem like their levels of softness vary, they should all at least be stretchy.  I removed 2 that I originally had in here after reading reviews because people reported that lining or certain parts of the dresses weren’t stretchy.  Please dig into the reviews for yourself as you look into these dresses.
Above is Option #2 and I’m wearing it as I write this post.  Love love love love love.  It is SO soft and SO stretchy and better quality than many of the soft jersey dresses I get from Target, Old Navy, and Nordstrom (though I still love those too.)  Unfortunately this is already sold out, which is why you need to follow along on Instagram.  I shared it over the weekend!  I included it here anyway because you can request for ModCloth to bring items back in stock, and they’ll do it if it’s high enough in demand.  See it HERE.
Beware: Option #6 is the only one that isn’t a cross front and is only a v-neck.  This one might not be the best for nursing.  It might be doable, but it’s not guaranteed and I think it would really depend on how the dress fits your upper body.  
Sizing Info
I’m size 6/8 or S/M in most stores.  At ModCloth I’m regularly M, sometimes L for non-stretchy items.  I got this dress in M and it fits perfectly, but since it’s stretchy it should also fit someone slightly bigger than me.
Now we can all look cute at work, parties, or weddings (and nurse if you need to!) while being super comfortable!

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