Spring Style Profile: Put-Together Casual and On-the-Go

It’s not spring yet, but I know tons of you are itching to do some spring shopping.  Perhaps as an escape from the realities of the biting winter cold?  No one’s blaming you.  In fact, I’m going to enable you today to do juuuuust that!

Today is the first of a series I’m calling Spring Style Profiles which will talk through general spring building blocks according to what style you’re going for.  Like, what are building blocks for a spring athleisure wardrobe?  How about for a dressy casual wardrobe?  Business casual?  We’ll talk through some, and you’ll be able to add as many or as few of these types of pieces as you need, depending how often you dress in that style.

We’re starting with a put-together comfy casual style for when you’re on the go.  This is what I wear on a casual day when I’m out and about, sometimes with Addie or sometimes interacting more with adults but in casual settings, but don’t quite want to be in athleisure.  This style is perrrrrfect for stay at home moms, those who work from home, college students, or a day of errands!

Building Blocks for a Comfy Casual Wardrobe

Shop the Items:
utility jacket  |  denim jacket
grey cardigan  |  taupe cardigan
black twist tee  |  striped tee
pink bell sleeve topstriped peplum top  |  floral tank  |  white henley
jeans  |  olive jeans
white sneakers  |  nude flats



Starting with completer pieces, the main ones I wear on those kinds of days are my utility jacket, denim jacket, and cardigans.  Also not shown, my utility vest!

Utility Jacket & Utility Vest.  My favorite completer piece during the spring is hands down my utility jacket.  It’s the perfect finisher for almost any top (and you can wear it with dresses), and it’s pretty durable against dirt and gunk–especially great when you’re around kids.  Plus, most of them have huge pockets which are very helpful when you’re on the go and again, especially helpful if you’re with kids!  #holdallthethings #neverenoughhands

Denim Jacket.  Another durable completer piece.  This works with all colored bottoms (especially white and olive, which are the two non-blue denim I wear the most in the spring) and looks adorable with skirts and dresses!

Cardigans.  Perfect for when you want something flexible and really easy to move around in.  I only showed 2 neutral colored cardigans, but if you dress in this comfy casual style most days of the week I’d recommend stocking up on cardigans of all colors!  My favorites are oversized cardigans like the ones shown.  They make jeans and a tee look stylish!

Below are those three completer pieces in action, all paired with the types of tops I’ll talk about in the next section.

Comfy Casual Outfits for the Person On the Go




When I think of comfy casual and on-the-go my immediate thought is: plain tee.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  But over the last few years I started stocking up on knit tees and tops that have special details.  I realized that with those kinds of tops I could wear more interesting outfits, feel a bit more stylish or put together, or even look a bit dressier if I wanted to (like if I was going to be around kids AND doing adult things in one day) while being just as comfortable as I’d be in a plain tee!

I’m talking about tops that are t-shirt material that either are printed (striped and floral tees, I’m looking at you!), have a knot in them, or have some other special detail like bell sleeves, peplum, pleats, or an interesting drape.

Here are some of mine:

Comfy Casual Knit Tops and Tees

These ALL feel like t-shirts and are totally comfy but make for some effortlessly put together outfits!

Below are a bunch of tops like those that you can try!




We’ll talk leggings and joggers whenever we do this Spring Style Profile for athleisure.  But before we get there, I need you to know that soft, stretchy denim–that doesn’t lose its shape or sag and that you don’t constantly have to pull up–is actually a thing.  If you haven’t owned those kinds of jeans, YOU NEED TO KNOW THEY EXIST!  And they’re NOT all designer brands that will cost you an arm and a leg!

But first, let’s talk colors.  In the spring, my most worn colors are regular blue jeans, olive (they go with so much more than you’d think and you can see the ways I’ve worn mine HERE), and white.  Notice white is not in the graphic at the top of this post.  That’s because I know soooo many people have a fear of white jeans, especially when kids are involved.  Or chocolate.  I’ve gotten marks on my white jeans from my own chocolatey hands more than my toddler has ever marked me.  (My toddler is seriously cleaner than I am.  Miracle child–we’re spoiled.)  But one thing to try are Old Navy’s “stay white” denim (HERE) that they came out with either last year or sometime shortly before that.  Sometimes I wear black in the spring along with other colors like grey and coral, but blue jeans, olive, and white are my top 3!

Now, comfortable-as-heck jeans.  I talk about how to find pairs like that in my post 3 Tests to do With Your Jeans to Ensure You’ll Love Them, but I’ll recap some of my favorite brands here.  Please go read the aforementioned post though, especially so you don’t end up with saggy jeans!

Some of my favorite comfy denim brands:

  • Wit & Wisdom
    • They have a regular line which varies in comfort, but most are pretty stretchy in the leg.  My favorite from the regular line is the Super Smooth Stretch Denim, and be sure to SIZE WAY DOWN in them.  I’m normally size 6/8 and I got these in 4.  I tried them in 6 over a year ago and thought they were way too saggy.  Then last year it dawned on me to try them in size 4, and they are perfect.
    • They have an Ab-solution line which is SO GOOD because not only are the legs stretchy, but every pair of the Ab-solution line has elastic panels in the waistband along with a regular zip fly closure.  I own the bootcut jeans (feel like yoga pants!!!!–I wear size 8) and the black pair of ankle skinny jeans (HERE–I wear size 6).
  • Old Navy Rockstars – I own them in like 5-6 colors now and I can safely say they are all over the map in term of comfort, depending on the wash and color.  But, if you are in the US you can try them and return them for free since Old Navy has free shipping and free return shipping on all orders.  I would recommend getting two sizes and usually sizing down a LOT.  I size down to 4 in most of these (neverrrr thought I’d be size 4 in so many pairs of jeans so it felt very weird to do), but like I said every color is different so in 1-2 of the pairs I wear size 6.  Again, take advantage of free shipping.
  • AE Jeggings – A BUNCH of PMTers are raving about these and comparing them favorably over Old Navy Rockstars.  I haven’t been able to try them yet since I’ve been pregnant since hearing about them, but PMTers are seriously obsessed.
  • Kut from the Kloth’s Diana cut – Usually very stretchy and very thick, but probably need to size down a LOT because they are so stretchy.  I like these a lot but don’t own any because the rise is usually too high for me.  Material is great though.




Comfortable shoes that I can walk a lot in and walk quickly in (cuz let’s be honest–when I’m “on the go” I’m speeding through things!) are a MUST.  Sneakers are my primary choice, but the lace-up athletic looking sneakers that are great for athleisure don’t always work well with some of the tops with details that I mentioned above.  Instead, I prefer slip-on sneakers!  The sleek profile keeps them from looking like athletic gear.  They even work well with jersey dresses!  Plus, they’re easier to put on than a sneaker you have to lace up.

I have slip on sneakers in white and black, and I’ve been looking for a replacement for my leopard print slip on sneakers.  I miiiight also need to add a blush pair this year!

And of course comfy flats and booties with a low heel that are easy to walk in are other great options for this spring.




Those are my general building blocks for a put together comfy wardrobe.  If you’ll wear this style most days of the week, I’d get more of each category.  Like, colored bottoms in more colors, cardigans in more colors, more of the kinds of tops we talked about, etc.  But if you’ll only need this style a couple days a week, buy less of each category to keep that section of your wardrobe smaller.

Hope that helps you get a handle on your spring wardrobe!  Which Spring Style Profile are you looking forward to seeing?

See the rest of the Spring Style Profiles HERE.

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