24 Cute, Affordable One-Piece and Two-Piece Swimsuits☀️

You guys, I’m on the HUNT for cute, affordable swimsuits.  I know it’s the middle of summer already, and for whatever reason in my mind, summer is already over, haha!  But I need to remind myself that where I live summer lasts forever.  So if I need summer stuff, just buy it!

Last week my friend and I were at the beach talking about how we needed new swimsuits. She griped about how hard it is to find cute ones with decent coverage (bust, midsection, and rear) and that are somewhat sporty for chasing kids. Naturally that made me dive head first into a hunt for swimsuits for both of us.  As a result, today I’m rounding up tons of affordable swimsuits!

Cute Affordable Swimsuits for Summer

Last summer I searched a bit for swimsuits and thought I was on a good track.  But as I used those suits more, I wasn’t fully happy with them.  Eh, you live, you learn.  And now here I am, searching for suits once again.

My favorite suit right now is THIS from ModCloth.  I got it last year with some leftover ModCloth credit.  It’s really, really expensive, but really, really, REALLY flattering.  It’s got padding AND ruching on top, which I appreciate given I have a smaller chest and like some help up there. ☺️ The midsection is ruched and oh-so-flattering.  Lastly, the rear covers my bum completely!  My only wish is that it would come in different colors or prints–it looks a little fancy in black.  Sometimes when I’m enjoying a beautiful sunny day at the beach against a bright blue sky, I want to wear something colorful and fun.  Or like a bit sportier or at least more casual.  This thing looks a TAD fancy–like doesn’t look right with denim shorts.  Other than that, this thing is flattering as heck!  You can find it HERE.  I wear size L as it runs small.

In pursuit of something more fun and perhaps more casual, I’ve been ordering lots of suits.  I rounded up ones I looked at in the widget below!  Some are ones I ordered, while others are ones that I just thought were cute even if not great for me personally.  I wrote sizing info in the comments underneath the item if it’s one I’ve already tried.

Swipe through the widget below to shop them all.

I’ve heard great things about suits from Land’s End, and they seem to have great quality suits that are sturdy and supportive, as well as a wider size range like regular, petite, and long.  See all their suits HERE.

All the rest (besides the ModCloth one I talked about earlier) are from Amazon.  There are some really affordable suits there, and all should be available for free shipping & free return shipping with Amazon Prime!  If you’re not a member, sign up HERE.




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