Dirty Little Secret

Maybe I shouldn’t point out that this outfit is pretty much this outfit from October with a different dress and a (mildly) different necklace.  But part of the point of this blog is to show little secrets and tips that make getting dressed easier, so there it is!  You could probably take these elements and swap the dresses to your heart’s content and most people wouldn’t know the difference.  Your little secret.  And if you want, maybe your dirty little secret if you decide not to wash your jacket.  But the stench might give away your secret, so…think twice about that one.  
Links to Shop:
1.  ModCloth  |  2.  Kohl’s  |  3.  H&M
4.  Amazon  |  5.  Nordstrom

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Old Navy (similar, similarsimilar)
Jacket: Target (similar, similar)
Bag: Target (exact)
Shoes: Target (similar, similar)
Necklace: c/o That’s Mine Boutique (exact)
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