Elevate Your Outfit With Shoes (see the side by side comparison)

olive top + black jeans + leopard clutch + strappy heels
olive top + leopard clutch + black leather jacket
olive top + black leather jacket + leopard clutch + strappy heels
leopard + olive + black

When I was putting together the PMT Spring Style Challenge (which is almost over–CRRYYYYY) I noticed how much of a difference a shoe with straps like this can make, especially when using a bunch of solid pieces like in this outfit.

I was wearing this top and jeans together at home, but I felt kind of drab in it and was about to change.  However, I remembered how these shoes have pulled together two solid pieces in the past (HERE) so I gave that a shot before changing.  On the left is what the outfit would have been with plain black shoes.  It’s not bad, and it still feels pulled together.  But, on the right, the strappy shoes gave the outfit some edge that elevated the outfit a bit and made it more fun!  Not a huge difference, but enough to make me feel “fine” about an outfit versus really love it.

I wore this to lead worship at church, except with a tote since I had Addie.  (I took this picture with the leopard clutch for that post on spring bags with Nordstrom a few weeks ago.)  I love loose tops like this when with my toddler because they’re easy to move around in!
Anyway, next time you’re wearing all solid pieces and feeling like your outfit needs some pizzazz (not to be mistaken with pizzas…yum…) try throwing on a pair of strappy or lace-up heels!  If you need a suggestion, these are only $38 from TARJAY.  While they definitely feel like a pair of Target shoes (read: sort of stiff and not cushiony), they are comfortable enough for me to have kept.  I wouldn’t run errands in them, but I would go through a day at church in them where I’m standing and singing for a few hours plus chasing a toddler while hanging out after church.   
I’m normally size 8.5-9 and wear these in 8.5.  You can find them HERE
Shop for the Look:
Top: Nordstrom (similar–slightly longer. I own in other colors and wear that in M.)
Jacket: JCPenney (exact, similar)
Jeans: Paige Denim (exact, similar–much cheaper)
Shoes: Target (exact–wearing 8.5)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact)
Necklace: c/o Sela Designs (similar)
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