Fall Shopping: Ankle Boots

Let’s talk ankle boots for a sec, okay?  I’ve heard a lot of people say that they really don’t like ankle boots.  I don’t know why, but took me a loooong time to get on board with these things too.  I hated them so much–like, hated–until I loved them.  And I don’t even know how the shift happened!
Why I Like Them
One thing I really appreciate about ankle boots is that they can add some grounding and character to an outfit that ballet flats can’t always do because of their texture.  Leather and suede in a sturdy boot shape has a nice weight to it that a sleek ballet flat doesn’t have, you know?  I wish I had taken pictures to show you an outfit with flats vs ankle boots, but I didn’t think that far ahead.  Doh!
I also like that ankle boots aren’t as warm as riding boots, so you still get the fall-like weight and texture without potentially overheating.  (Especially when you live somewhere where it’s not often that cold, like here in San Diego.)

Choosing the Shape
When I was just starting to give ankle boots a shot I almost swore them off again because all the pairs I tried made my legs look stumpy and horrible.  It took me a long time to figure out that the shape of the boot mattered depending on the shape of your leg.  I’m average height (5’6″) with average length legs, but I don’t have super duper thin calves.  Mine are more shapely and my legs really thin out at my ankles.  Most ankle boots I tried were cut straight across (like in options 7-9 below) and cut off my leg line, making my calves look larger and legs look too short.  
So, let’s talk quickly about some different styles below:
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight  |  nine
Options 1 and 2  See that dip in the front?  These are great for someone who has more shapely calves because the dip extends the leg line a little bit rather than cutting straight across your ankles.  This is the shape that I stick to, especially if I plan to wear them with skirts or dresses that show the shape of my leg.  Once I found this kind I knew ankle boots and I could be friends.  🙂  (Options 2 comes in a few different colors.)
Options 3, 4, and 5Options 3 and 4 have a slight dip in the front, so whether or not that works for you would depend on how much curve there is to your calves.  (Option 4 comes in different colors.)
Option 6 is a wedge bootie.  I included it there because they’re different than the other types of heels and they’re pretty fun.  I’ve wanted a pair like that every fall but haven’t found any that flatter my legs.  
Options 7, 8, and 9 – These cuts definitely don’t work on me, but if you’ve got thin limbs then you are in luck!  But pretty much any ankle boot will look good on you if you’ve got thin limbs, legs with less curve, or have really long legs.  I have Option 9 but haven’t worn them because they don’t look good on me, but Merrick wears them all the time and they look fantastic on her!  Also, these last three have some sort of extra hardware or studding that give them a bit more edge.  (Options 8 and 9 come in different colors.)

Yay or nay on ankle boots for you?

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