Family Gift Ideas + Holiday Outfits for Moms

Family Gift Ideas and Holiday Outfits for Moms

Huge thanks to JCPenney and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post

Growing up, while I totally enjoyed receiving individual gifts as a kid, I found something really special about group gifts given to us kids.  I have YEARS of fun memories of my siblings and I playing with presents relatives and neighbors gave our family, so today I’m partnering with JCPenney and ShopStyle to share some family gift ideas with you!

And, in case you need outfit ideas for family holiday activities, I’ll share a few holiday outfits for moms at the end of this post!

Lastly, JCPenney is running their Feel the Rush Sale until tomorrow, 12/11.  Take advantage of it while you can!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


S'mores Maker Fair Isle Sweater Holiday Gifts

The gifts that gave us the most memories were ones that fostered togetherness and that we could all use at the same time.  These are things like board games, appliances and electronics that we could all use together, and sports equipment.

JCPenney has a ton of these types of items, so I’ll walk through a few categories and highlight my favorites!  Also, if you are worried about getting gifts in time for Christmas, with JCPenney you can order online and do an in-store pickup.  It’s SO fast and so much easier than walking through the huge store trying to find everything you’re looking for!

S'mores Maker Fair Isle Sweater Holiday Gifts For the Family

Appliances & Electronics
There were some electronics my siblings and I received that ended up being things only one person could use at a time.  Honestly, we ended up fighting over those more than anything. 😆 Then, there were some that we could either all use together or that we all benefitted from at the same time.  Those are the kinds I want to highlight, so here are some ideas!

  • S’mores Maker – This electronic s’mores maker easily heats up marshmallows indoors at the kitchen table or in the living room so you can play games while making s’mores.  I test ran this with Addie, and she was ALL ABOUT IT!  Whereas a fire kind of freaks her out, this electronic heater was safe and accessible for her, and she felt independent roasting the marshmallows herself.  It melted the marshmallows really nicely, plus it comes with four skewers and the little tray to organize everything you need.  It’s got 4.7 stars, so it’s worth checking out!
  • Popcorn Machine – One of our friends used these while we were at their house.  You think the eating the finished popcorn is the main event?  Wrong!  The popping of the popcorn itself is a show for little kids!  They watched with anticipation and excitement through out the whole thing.  So, so cute.  There are a couple of different kinds of popcorn machines, namely ones that pop with oil and ones that pop with hot air.  I linked to multiple options for both in the widget below.
  • Projector – This is especially fun to have when other kids are over.  It makes watching a movie or playing video games extra special!
  • Karaoke Machine – I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love hearing their voices echo. 😂 I linked to a few karaoke machines in the widget below, but the one I chose to link here is especially kid-friendly.  It comes with two mics so kids can do it together, has 6 voice-changing effects, and allows you to record and playback your song.  It’s also battery operated and portable!

Here are a few options for electronics:

If you want to add more to any of these gifts, consider adding something families could do while making s’mores or eating popcorn, like a board game or movie.  Or add snacks to things like the projector or karaoke machine.


I’m so grateful for the board games people gave our family each year.  My siblings and I spent so many hours of our childhood playing them!  Here are some I personally loved growing up: Rummikub, Mah Jong, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Jenga.  There are a few more in the widget below:

Sports Equipment & Active Games
My brother and I played outside quite a bit with fun gifts people gave us, like a street hockey set, baseball gear, bikes, and other fun sports stuff!  Check out some in the widget below:

Ahh, I’m loving thinking back on our childhood!  These types of gifts were so great for our family, and I hope these family gift ideas help you with your holiday shopping!


Holiday Outfits for Moms

Lastly, if you need some mom-friendly holiday outfits for all the casual holiday activities with your kids, here are some easy go-to outfit formulas!

fair isle sweater + skinny jeans + brown boots fair isle sweater + skinny jeans + brown boots + white vest fair isle sweater + skinny jeans + brown boots + white vest + cognac tote white vest + fair isle sweater + skinny jeans

Shop the Outfit:
Sweater: c/o JCPenney (exact–wearing size S)

Vest: c/o JCPenney (exact–wearing size S)
Jeans: (similar)
Boots: c/o JCPenney (exact–wearing size 9)
Bag: c/o JCPenney (exact)

Outfit #1: Printed Holiday Sweater + Jeans + Boots + Vest (Optional)
Let a statement sweater do all the work for you!  It always works with jeans and boots, and you can add a vest if you need another layer.  The sweater I’m wearing above comes in four cute holiday prints and is ON SALE for only $18.69 today!  Super cute and easy to wear!  Note that it is on the shorter side, so watch out if you’ve got a long torso.  See all the prints HERE.  In the widget below I included other printed sweaters as well:

Outfit #2: Plaid Button Up Tunic + Cardigan + Leggings or Jeans + Boots
This plaid tunic is perfect for pairing with leggings for a comfy outfit at home with kids or out and about chasing little ones!  This tunic comes in 10 colors!  See them HERE.  I wear this in size M–runs pretty small.

Outfit #3:  Sweatshirt + Jeans + Sneakers or Boots + Scarf 
Gotta love a sweatshirt when you’re with little kids!  Wear one with a print or message in a holiday color, or wear a solid one and add a printed scarf.  Pair it with jeans, then wear your choice of sneakers or boots.  Check out some sweatshirts in the widget below:



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